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Taizhou Jinhu Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacturing aquaculture machinery for fish farmers and shrimp farmers around the world for the past 20 years. Our company is equipped with high-tech production lines, specializing in manufacturing aerators, vacuum pumps, and many other aquaculture machinery.

Being an expert of China Impeller Aerator manufacturer and wholesale Impeller Aerator factory, we have incorporated the ability of technical R&D and manufacturing. We have received the certification of ISO9001:2015, CE certification awards. In our products, we have our own design and patent for invention. We do strict product test for each model design.

In 2010, we are admitted into the list of companies that received the China National subsidies for promoting the export. We also received self-supported import & export rights in China. It will help us to save the export cost and reduce the price.

The Jinhulong and DIVA series of products have been selling both in China and in Latin America, Southeast East Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Europe and other regions, receiving a good reputation in the fair prices, fast delivery, good products quality and after-sales service.


  • Production of Oxygen Aerator
  • Quality management system certification
  • National industrial products production license
  • ESO
  • ESO
  • Contract-observing and trustworthy unit
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate


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Impeller Aerator

Automatic Protection Mechanism:
One of the standout features of the Jinhulong Impeller Aerator is its advanced motor equipped with a protector. This safeguard ensures the aerator's longevity by automatically shutting down in the event of a three-phase power supply loss or motor overheating. This proactive measure prevents accidental burnouts, offering peace of mind to users and enhancing the overall safety of the system.
Durable Chromium Manganese Titanium Gears:
The gears in the Jinhulong Impeller Aerator are crafted from high-quality chromium manganese titanium. The tooth surface undergoes a special treatment involving infiltration with carbon and ammonia, resulting in exceptional durability. This innovative approach significantly extends the service life of the aerator, making it a reliable choice for long-term use in various applications.
Environmentally Adaptive Impellers:
Recognizing the diverse needs of users and the varying environments in which the aerator may be employed, Jinhulong has developed specialized impellers. These impellers are tailored to specific conditions, including seawater and highly corrosive industrial wastewater. The engineering plastic impellers and stainless steel impellers cater to different usage scenarios, ensuring that the aerator can function optimally without the need for frequent impeller replacements or additional protective coatings.
Patented Plastic Impeller Technology:
Jinhulong takes pride in its cutting-edge plastic impeller, a patented product that sets new standards in aeration technology. This unique impeller design enhances water flow and oxygenation efficiency, making it an ideal choice for aquaculture and water treatment applications. The performance of the plastic impeller contributes to higher levels of dissolved oxygen in the water, creating a healthier and more balanced aquatic environment.
Versatility for Various Applications:
The Jinhulong Impeller Aerator is versatile and well-suited for a wide range of applications. Whether used in aquaculture, wastewater treatment, or other water management systems, this aerator excels in delivering consistent and efficient aeration performance.
User-Friendly Design:
In addition to its advanced features, the Jinhulong Impeller Aerator is designed with user convenience in mind. Easy installation and maintenance make it an accessible choice for both experienced professionals and those new to aeration systems.
Jinhulong's Impeller Aerator stands as a testament to innovation and reliability in the field of water aeration. With features such as automatic protection, durable gears, adaptable impellers, and patented plastic impeller technology, this aerator ensures not only optimal performance but also a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to water management. Choose Jinhulong for aeration solutions that prioritize efficiency, longevity, and environmental responsibility.