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Taizhou Jinhu Mechanical & Electrical Co.LTD is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing vacuum pumps and fishery machinery. We are committed to providing high-quality vacuum and fishery solutions for global customers. The company is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, the cradle of private enterprises in China. The company cover an area of 30,000 square meters and own over 100 sets of advanced processing machines, mainly from Japan and Germany. We have the capacity of producing over 200,000 sets of machines every year. As a professional manufacturer in this industry, we have the integrated ability of technical R&D, manufacturing and sales. We have got the certification of ISO9001:2015, with many products awarded CE certification, utility model design and patent for invention. We are admitted into the list of enterprises enjoying national promotion and national subsidies in 2010, and also have the self-supported import & export rights. The Jinhulong series of products sells well around China, and are also exported to East-south Asia, Middle East, Europe and other regions, enjoying a good reputation and fame among our clients.

We provide products of reliable quality on the basis of demanding product design, reasonable processing flow and strict examination. As we have the advanced technologies in aspects like mechanical processing, major parts and components are finished in the factory to ensure full implementation of specific quality managements. In addition, as our company is located in the largest market of raw material, accessories and equipment in East Zhejiang province, we enjoy lower cost in raw materials. All in all, our cost advantage and processing power ensure that we can deliver   competitiveness to clients.

The people of Jinhulong will be devoted to supplying agricultural and aquacultural machines featured by higher quality, higher efficiency and being more energy-saving and environmental-friendly. We will build up a global brand and improve the development level of Chinese agricultural and aquaculture equipment, thus making a contribution to the world.


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Main Spare Parts For Impeller Aerator

The  Main Spare Parts For Impeller Aerator include: main engine, reducer, motor, impeller, bracket, waterproof cover and pontoon. Accessories have different models, specifications and sizes, which can be customized according to customer requirements.
Main Engine:
At the core of the Impeller Aerator system is the main engine, a robust and reliable component that drives the entire aeration process. Crafted with precision engineering, the main engine serves as the powerhouse, generating the force required to propel the aerator and create aeration patterns that optimize oxygen transfer.
Working in tandem with the main engine, the reducer plays a critical role in adjusting the speed and torque of the aerator. This component ensures that the aerator operates at an level,   energy efficiency and extending the lifespan of the equipment.
The motor is the driving force behind the Impeller Aerator, converting electrical energy into mechanical power. High-performance motors ensure smooth and continuous operation, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the aeration system. Motors are available in various capacities to meet the specific needs of different aquatic environments.
The impeller is the heart of the aeration process, responsible for creating the necessary water movement to facilitate gas exchange. Precision-engineered impellers are designed to move water efficiently, promoting the transfer of oxygen from the air to the water. With different blade configurations and materials, impellers can be tailored to meet the aeration requirements of diverse aquatic settings.
Sturdy and adjustable brackets provide the necessary support and stability for the impeller and other components. These brackets are designed to withstand varying environmental conditions, ensuring the aerator remains securely in place for consistent and reliable performance.
Waterproof Cover:
To protect the internal components from the elements, a waterproof cover is employed. This essential accessory shields the motor, reducer, and other sensitive parts from water ingress, extending the lifespan of the aerator and reducing the risk of malfunctions due to environmental factors.
Ensuring the aerator stays afloat and properly positioned, pontoons are vital accessories in the Impeller Aerator system. These buoyant structures provide stability on the water's surface, allowing the aerator to function across various water depths.
The Main Spare Parts For Impeller Aerator come in a diverse range of models, specifications, and sizes, allowing for customization based on the unique requirements of different aquatic environments. Whether it's a large-scale aquaculture operation, a municipal water treatment facility, or a decorative pond in a residential setting, these accessories can be tailored to meet the specific demands of the application.
Customizability is a key feature of these accessories, enabling users to adapt the aeration system to the unique characteristics of their water bodies. This flexibility ensures that the Impeller Aerator remains a versatile solution for enhancing water quality, promoting aquatic health, and preventing issues such as algal blooms and oxygen depletion.
In conclusion, the Main Spare Parts For Impeller Aerator form a comprehensive suite of components that collectively contribute to the efficiency, reliability, and adaptability of aeration systems. As stewards of aquatic environments seek sustainable and effective solutions, these accessories stand as integral elements in the pursuit of maintaining healthy and vibrant water ecosystems.