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Taizhou Jinhu Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacturing aquaculture machinery for fish farmers and shrimp farmers around the world for the past 20 years. Our company is equipped with high-tech production lines, specializing in manufacturing aerators, vacuum pumps, and many other aquaculture machinery.

Being an expert of China Paddle Wheel Aerator manufacturer and wholesale Paddle Wheel Aerator factory, we have incorporated the ability of technical R&D and manufacturing. We have received the certification of ISO9001:2015, CE certification awards. In our products, we have our own design and patent for invention. We do strict product test for each model design.

In 2010, we are admitted into the list of companies that received the China National subsidies for promoting the export. We also received self-supported import & export rights in China. It will help us to save the export cost and reduce the price.

The Jinhulong and DIVA series of products have been selling both in China and in Latin America, Southeast East Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Europe and other regions, receiving a good reputation in the fair prices, fast delivery, good products quality and after-sales service.


  • Production of Oxygen Aerator
  • Quality management system certification
  • National industrial products production license
  • ESO
  • ESO
  • Contract-observing and trustworthy unit
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate


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Paddle Wheel Aerator

Main Feature:
Various impeller options:
The versatility of the Regular Series lies in its various impeller configurations (from two to twelve), allowing farmers to select the ideal model based on the size and requirements of their aquatic system. This adaptability ensures efficient aeration in aquaculture operations of different sizes.
Motor drive power:
At the heart of a waterwheel aerator is the rugged motor, which is the power source for the entire system. The energy of the motor is harnessed and transmitted through a precision-designed reducer, allowing controlled deceleration to optimally drive the impeller to rotate.
Enhanced Oxygen Content:
Impeller aerator can effectively disperse dissolved oxygen. By creating a higher-oxygen environment, aerators create optimal conditions for aquatic life to grow and survive, especially in densely populated areas.
High-density breeding support:
Farmers engaged in high-intensity agriculture find a reliable ally in the paddlewheel aerator. Enhanced oxygenation and water circulation help create an environment conducive to fish and shrimp thriving, allowing farmers to maximize yields without compromising the health of aquatic populations.
Effective discharge volume of sewage:
In addition to oxygenation, the impeller aerator produced by Jinhulong Company has also achieved good results in sewage discharge. Aerators are particularly useful in elevated ponds, helping to remove waste and contaminants from the pond bottom, reducing the risk of disease and maintaining water quality.
Reduce disease:
The conventional series demonstrates a tangible impact on disease reduction within aquaculture systems. Aerators promote a healthier pond environment through effective oxygenation and waste removal as a preventive measure against diseases that can adversely affect fish and shrimp populations.
Promote growth:
A paddle wheel aerator does more than just aerate; it actively promotes fish and shrimp growth. The optimal conditions created by aerators contribute to the overall well-being of aquatic life, promoting accelerated growth and ensuring a robust and productive aquaculture system.
In short, Jinhulong's paddle wheel aerator (conventional) solves key aspects such as oxygenation, water circulation, sewage management, disease prevention and growth promotion. This aerator is available in a variety of models to meet various requirements. It is an indispensable tool for modern fish and shrimp farming, creating a new era of efficient and sustainable aquaculture.