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Taizhou Jinhu Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing vacuum pumps and fishery machinery. We are committed to providing high-quality vacuum and fishery solutions for global customers. The company is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, the cradle of private enterprises in China. The company cover an area of 30,000 square meters and own over 100 sets of advanced processing machines, mainly from Japan and Germany. We have the capacity of producing over 200,000 sets of machines every year. As a professional manufacturer in this industry, we have the integrated ability of technical R&D, manufacturing and sales. We have got the certification of ISO9001:2015, with many products awarded CE certification, utility model design and patent for invention. We are admitted into the list of enterprises enjoying national promotion and national subsidies in 2010, and also have the self-supported import & export rights. The Jinhulong series of products sells well around China, and are also exported to East-south Asia, Middle East, Europe and other regions, enjoying a good reputation and fame among our clients.

We provide products of reliable quality on the basis of demanding product design, reasonable processing flow and strict examination. As we have the advanced technologies in aspects like mechanical processing, major parts and components are finished in the factory to ensure full implementation of specific quality managements. In addition, as our company is located in the largest market of raw material, accessories and equipment in East Zhejiang province, we enjoy lower cost in raw materials. All in all, our cost advantage and processing power ensure that we can deliver   competitiveness to clients.

The people of Jinhulong will be devoted to supplying agricultural and aquacultural machines featured by higher quality, higher efficiency and being more energy-saving and environmental-friendly. We will build up a global brand and improve the development level of Chinese agricultural and aquaculture equipment, thus making a contribution to the world.


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  • National industrial products production license
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  • Contract-observing and trustworthy unit
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  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate
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Other Aerators

Jinhulong Company boasts a diverse range of Other Aerators, each designed to cater to specific aquatic environments and address unique water quality challenges. These innovative aerators play a pivotal role in enhancing oxygenation, promoting water circulation, and fostering a healthier ecosystem in various settings.
Surge Aerator:
The Surge Aerator by Jinhulong is engineered to create powerful water surges, promoting oxygenation and nutrient circulation. This aerator is ideal for aquaculture systems, fish farms, and ponds with low oxygen levels.
Wave Maker:
Designed to mimic natural wave patterns, the Wave Maker is a versatile aerator suitable for both freshwater and marine environments. It enhances water movement, promoting oxygen exchange and reducing stagnation.
Irrigation Floating Pump:
Jinhulong's Irrigation Floating Pump is a multifunctional aerator designed for irrigation and aeration simultaneously. With its floating design, it efficiently draws water from the source, providing aeration while facilitating irrigation in agricultural settings.
Deep-water Jet Aerator:
The Deep-water Jet Aerator is tailored for deep-water applications, efficiently introducing oxygen to lower water depths. This aerator is ideal for reservoirs, deep ponds, and lakes where conventional aerators may struggle to reach.
Water Plowing Aerator:
Specifically engineered for pond and lake aeration, the Water Plowing Aerator creates a plowing effect, stirring the water and enhancing oxygen diffusion. This innovative design prevents stratification, reduces nutrient buildup, and mitigates the risk of harmful algal blooms.
Pond Bottom Aeration Aerator:
For ponds with sediment buildup and compromised bottom layers, the Pond Bottom Aeration Aerator is the answer. This aerator effectively oxygenates the pond's bottom, promoting beneficial microbial activity and preventing the accumulation of anaerobic conditions. It's an essential tool for pond restoration and ecosystem revitalization.
Bottom Turbine Aerator:
Jinhulong's Bottom Turbine Aerator combines the benefits of aeration and water circulation. Installed at the pond's bottom, it agitates and oxygenates, preventing dead zones and promoting overall water health.
Splash Aerator:
The Splash Aerator is designed for aesthetic appeal and functional performance. Its cascading water patterns not only enhance oxygenation but also create visually appealing water features.
Plastic Feeding Machine:
In aquaculture operations, precise and efficient feeding is crucial for growth and health of aquatic species. Jinhulong's Plastic Feeding Machine is a state-of-the-art solution that automates the feeding process.
Product Advantages:
Innovative Technology: All our aerators incorporate cutting-edge technology to ensure efficiency and performance in oxygenation and water circulation.
Durable Construction: Jinhulong prioritizes durability, utilizing high-quality materials and robust designs to withstand challenging environmental conditions.
Versatility: Our aerators cater to a wide range of applications, from aquaculture and agriculture to landscaping and water body management.
Energy Efficiency: With a focus on sustainability, our aerators are designed to maximize oxygenation while minimizing energy consumption, promoting eco-friendly practices.
Easy Installation and Maintenance: Jinhulong's aerators are engineered for user-friendly installation and require minimal maintenance, ensuring hassle-free operation for our customers.
In conclusion, Jinhulong Company's Other Aerators stand at the forefront of aquatic technology, addressing diverse needs with a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the promotion of healthy aquatic ecosystems. Whether it's oxygenation, water circulation, or automated feeding, our range of aerators delivers unparalleled performance across various applications, setting new standards in the industry.