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Taizhou Jinhu Mechanical & Electrical Co.LTD is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing vacuum pumps and fishery machinery. We are committed to providing high-quality vacuum and fishery solutions for global customers. The company is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, the cradle of private enterprises in China. The company cover an area of 30,000 square meters and own over 100 sets of advanced processing machines, mainly from Japan and Germany. We have the capacity of producing over 200,000 sets of machines every year. As a professional manufacturer in this industry, we have the integrated ability of technical R&D, manufacturing and sales. We have got the certification of ISO9001:2015, with many products awarded CE certification, utility model design and patent for invention. We are admitted into the list of enterprises enjoying national promotion and national subsidies in 2010, and also have the self-supported import & export rights. The Jinhulong series of products sells well around China, and are also exported to East-south Asia, Middle East, Europe and other regions, enjoying a good reputation and fame among our clients.

We provide products of reliable quality on the basis of demanding product design, reasonable processing flow and strict examination. As we have the advanced technologies in aspects like mechanical processing, major parts and components are finished in the factory to ensure full implementation of specific quality managements. In addition, as our company is located in the largest market of raw material, accessories and equipment in East Zhejiang province, we enjoy lower cost in raw materials. All in all, our cost advantage and processing power ensure that we can deliver   competitiveness to clients.

The people of Jinhulong will be devoted to supplying agricultural and aquacultural machines featured by higher quality, higher efficiency and being more energy-saving and environmental-friendly. We will build up a global brand and improve the development level of Chinese agricultural and aquaculture equipment, thus making a contribution to the world.


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Bottom Turbine Aerator

Key Features:
Efficient Aeration Mechanism:
At the core of the Bottom Turbine Aerator's functionality lies its ability to introduce air directly into the pond bottom. This is achieved through a reduction of air via a negative pressure effect when the pump is in operation. The strategically positioned impeller then ensures the even distribution of oxygen throughout the water, actively pushing and lifting it.
Submerged Design:
Diverging from conventional aerators, the Bottom Turbine Aerator boasts a submerged design. While the water intake pipe remains exposed at the water's surface, the other critical components are strategically positioned beneath the water's surface. This unique approach addresses the common issue of plastic aging caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, wind, and rain.
Silent Operation:
One of the standout features of the Bottom Turbine Aerator is its remarkably quiet operation. The design incorporates noise reduction technologies, ensuring that the aeration process occurs seamlessly and without disturbance. This is a significant advantage in environments where noise pollution is a concern, allowing for the efficient aeration of ponds without compromising the tranquility of the surrounding area.
Compact and Easy Installation:
The compact size of the Bottom Turbine Aerator makes it exceptionally easy to install and use. Its design eliminates the need for additional fixtures, allowing for direct installation on the flat bottom of the pond. This user-friendly aspect streamlines the setup process, making it accessible even for those without extensive technical expertise.
Durable Construction:
Crafted with durability in mind, the Bottom Turbine Aerator is built to withstand the challenges of aquatic environments. The submerged components are shielded from the deteriorating effects of external elements, ensuring longevity and minimizing the need for frequent maintenance.
Versatility in Application:
The adaptability of the Bottom Turbine Aerator extends to its versatility in application. Whether utilized in small backyard ponds or large-scale aquaculture operations, this aerator proves its effectiveness across various settings.
Environmental Considerations:
Beyond its functional advantages, the Bottom Turbine Aerator aligns with environmentally conscious practices. By promoting efficient aeration, it contributes to the overall health of aquatic ecosystems. Additionally, its durable construction reduces the need for frequent replacements, minimizing environmental impact and waste generation.
In conclusion, the Bottom Turbine Aerator stands as a testament to innovation in pond aeration technology. As the demand for effective pond aeration solutions continues to grow, the Bottom Turbine Aerator emerges as a reliable and forward-thinking choice for pond owners and aquaculture professionals alike.