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Taizhou Jinhu Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacturing aquaculture machinery for fish farmers and shrimp farmers around the world for the past 20 years. Our company is equipped with high-tech production lines, specializing in manufacturing aerators, vacuum pumps, and many other aquaculture machinery.

Being an expert of China Super Impeller Aerator manufacturer and wholesale Super Impeller Aerator factory, we have incorporated the ability of technical R&D and manufacturing. We have received the certification of ISO9001:2015, CE certification awards. In our products, we have our own design and patent for invention. We do strict product test for each model design.

In 2010, we are admitted into the list of companies that received the China National subsidies for promoting the export. We also received self-supported import & export rights in China. It will help us to save the export cost and reduce the price.

The Jinhulong and DIVA series of products have been selling both in China and in Latin America, Southeast East Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Europe and other regions, receiving a good reputation in the fair prices, fast delivery, good products quality and after-sales service.


  • Production of Oxygen Aerator
  • Quality management system certification
  • National industrial products production license
  • ESO
  • ESO
  • Contract-observing and trustworthy unit
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate
  • Agricultural machinery promotion identification certificate


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Super Impeller Aerator

Unveiling the Power within:
1. Water-Cooled Marvel:
The water-cooled motor boasts a robust stainless steel cylinder design, eliminating the need for a waterproof cover. This innovative approach enhances the overall durability of the aerator, ensuring longevity even in demanding aquatic environments. The unique water baffle design contributes to cooling efficiency, maintaining motor performance.
2. Air-Cooled Precision:
Alternatively, the air-cooled motor option features a traditional cast iron cylinder, fortified with a waterproof cover. This choice is ideal for situations where a more conventional setup is preferred. The waterproof cover ensures reliability in diverse weather conditions, showcasing adaptability in the face of challenges.
Performance Unleashed:
1. Corrosion Resistance:
The Super Impeller Aerator is built to withstand the corrosive nature of aquatic environments. The stainless steel cylinder of the water-cooled motor and the cast iron structure of the air-cooled motor are crafted to resist corrosion, ensuring a prolonged service life and a cost-effective investment.
2. High Oxygenation Efficiency:
The optimized impeller design sets the Super Impeller Aerator apart, achieving a remarkable high water splash with a large diameter. This configuration results in a substantial increase of up to 30% in oxygenation capacity under similar power conditions. The aerator's performance is finely tuned to deliver an efficient and oxygen-rich environment for aquatic life.
3. Strong Oxygenation Capacity:
With a large rotating water volume during operation, the Super Impeller Aerator excels in providing a strong oxygenation capacity. This is critical for aquaculture systems, promoting healthier aquatic ecosystems and optimizing growth conditions for aquatic organisms.
Innovative Design:
1. Aesthetic Stainless Steel Submersible Motor:
The stainless steel submersible motor not only offers enhanced waterproofing but also adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. The aesthetics are complemented by a waterproof and corrosion-resistant structure, ensuring a harmonious blend of form and function.
2. Plastic Protective Cover - A Patented Solution:
The Super Water-Cooled Motor can be equipped with a plastic protective cover, a patented innovation by our company. This cover acts as a shield, preventing corrosion of the gearbox and safeguarding critical components. It exemplifies our commitment to providing holistic solutions for the aquaculture industry.
Embrace the future of aeration technology with the Super Impeller Aerator – where efficiency meets excellence. With its corrosion resistance, high oxygenation efficiency, and robust design, it offers a sustainable solution for enhancing water quality in aquaculture, wastewater treatment, and various aquatic environments.