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Taizhou Jinhu Mechanical & Electrical Co.LTD is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing vacuum pumps and fishery machinery. We are committed to providing high-quality vacuum and fishery solutions for global customers. The company is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, the cradle of private enterprises in China. The company cover an area of 30,000 square meters and own over 100 sets of advanced processing machines, mainly from Japan and Germany. We have the capacity of producing over 200,000 sets of machines every year. As a professional manufacturer in this industry, we have the integrated ability of technical R&D, manufacturing and sales. We have got the certification of ISO9001:2015, with many products awarded CE certification, utility model design and patent for invention. We are admitted into the list of enterprises enjoying national promotion and national subsidies in 2010, and also have the self-supported import & export rights. The Jinhulong series of products sells well around China, and are also exported to East-south Asia, Middle East, Europe and other regions, enjoying a good reputation and fame among our clients.

We provide products of reliable quality on the basis of demanding product design, reasonable processing flow and strict examination. As we have the advanced technologies in aspects like mechanical processing, major parts and components are finished in the factory to ensure full implementation of specific quality managements. In addition, as our company is located in the largest market of raw material, accessories and equipment in East Zhejiang province, we enjoy lower cost in raw materials. All in all, our cost advantage and processing power ensure that we can deliver   competitiveness to clients.

The people of Jinhulong will be devoted to supplying agricultural and aquacultural machines featured by higher quality, higher efficiency and being more energy-saving and environmental-friendly. We will build up a global brand and improve the development level of Chinese agricultural and aquaculture equipment, thus making a contribution to the world.


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Disel Engine Driven Paddle Wheel Aerator

Unleashing the Power of Diesel:
At the heart of this innovative aerator lies a small yet robust diesel engine, strategically chosen as the primary power source. The diesel engine, boasting 8-12 horsepower, serves as a formidable force, ensuring consistent and powerful performance. This design choice not only makes the aerator lightweight but also facilitates easy starting, exemplifying efficiency and practicality.
Multi-Impeller Dynamics:
The Diesel Engine Multi-Impeller Paddle Wheel Aerator distinguishes itself with a unique configuration of 10 to 16 waterwheel impellers. These impellers, set in motion by the diesel engine through a precision gearbox, create a symphony of splashing water. The orchestrated movement generates a dynamic flow within the water body, effectively dissolving oxygen and catalyzing the decomposition of harmful substances. The result is a pond environment with vastly improved water quality, fostering conditions for aquaculture.
Optimized Operational Mechanism:
Installed securely on the pond foundation, the main power unit of the aerator efficiently transmits power to the rotating shaft through a reliable universal joint. This carefully engineered mechanism ensures a seamless and consistent power transfer, enabling the impellers to operate at an ideal speed of 100-130 revolutions per minute. Such meticulous attention to the operational details empowers farmers with a tool that is not only reliable but also maximizes energy efficiency.
Versatility for Larger Ponds:
Designed with the needs of farmers in mind, the Diesel Engine Multi-Impeller Paddle Wheel Aerator excels in environments with wider and larger ponds. Its expansive coverage, facilitated by the multi-impeller system, makes it an ideal choice for aquaculture enthusiasts who manage extensive water bodies. The aerator's capacity to create a strong water flow and enhance oxygen levels renders it a valuable asset for farmers looking to optimize their pond conditions.
Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility:
Beyond its exceptional performance, this aerator champions fuel efficiency, ensuring that the operational costs remain reasonable for farmers. The judicious use of fuel not only makes it economically viable but also aligns with contemporary environmental considerations. By minimizing fuel consumption without compromising efficacy, the Diesel Engine Multi-Impeller Paddle Wheel Aerator stands as a testament to responsible aquaculture practices.
In conclusion, Jinhulong Company's Diesel Engine Multi-Impeller Paddle Wheel Aerator stands at the forefront of aquaculture technology, providing an indispensable tool for farmers in power-deficient areas. Embrace the future of pond management with a reliable partner – the Diesel Engine Multi-Impeller Paddle Wheel Aerator.