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YL-Impeller aerator(1.5 kw)
Impeller Aerator

YL-Impeller aerator(1.5 kw)

The YL-Impeller Aerator (1.5 kW) stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in the realm of aquatic aeration. This electric impeller-type aerator is equipped with three circular floating pontoons that gracefully rest on the water's surface, providing support for the central motor and gear reducer. Positioned beneath the reducer is the cone-shaped aeration impeller, fully immersed in the water for oxygenation.
Product Advantages:
Efficient Aeration Mechanism:
The YL-Impeller Aerator employs an electric impeller design, featuring three circular floating pontoons that support the central motor and gear reducer. Below the reducer, a cone-shaped aeration impeller is submerged in the water. This configuration facilitates water contact, generating a substantial aerating effect through the rotation of the impeller and the resulting water splashes and films.
Robust Water Agitation:
This aerator is characterized by its robust water agitation capabilities, creating substantial waves and covering a wide range. The dynamic water movement enhances oxygen transfer and promotes a healthier aquatic environment.
Motor Protection Mechanism:
Equipped with an internal protection device, the electric motor incorporates a safety feature that automatically shuts off in the event of a three-phase power loss or motor overheating. This preventative measure safeguards the motor from potential damage, ensuring longevity and reliability.
Durable Gear Construction:
The gear mechanism is constructed from high-quality chromium-manganese-titanium alloy steel. The gear surface undergoes carbon-nitriding, significantly extending its operational lifespan. This robust construction ensures the aerator's durability and sustained performance in demanding aquatic conditions.
Customizable Impeller Materials:
Recognizing the diverse requirements of users and varying environmental conditions, the YL-Impeller Aerator is available with impellers made from engineering plastics or stainless steel. This design flexibility ensures the aerator's suitability for long-term use in harsh environments such as seawater or corrosive industrial wastewater. Users can choose between materials based on specific application needs, eliminating the need for frequent impeller replacements or repainting.
Product Features:
Optimized Water-to-Air Interface:
The rotating impeller creates significant water splashes and films, the surface area for effective oxygen exchange between water and air. This optimized interface enhances the aerating efficiency of the YL-Impeller Aerator.
Wide Coverage and Dispersion:
The strong water agitation generated by the aerator results in large waves and widespread water movement. This wide coverage ensures that oxygenation reaches all corners of the water body, promoting a uniform and healthy aquatic environment.
User-Friendly Operation:
The aerator is designed for user convenience, with straightforward installation and operation. The automatic motor protection feature adds an extra layer of safety and ease of use.
The YL-Impeller Aerator is ideal for aquaculture operations, ensuring oxygen levels in fish and shrimp ponds. Its efficient aeration mechanism supports the growth and health of aquatic species.
Wastewater Treatment:
In industrial settings dealing with wastewater, the YL-Impeller Aerator proves invaluable for enhancing the oxygenation process, promoting the breakdown of pollutants, and maintaining water quality.
Decorative Ponds and Lakes:
Beyond its utilitarian applications, the aerator adds aesthetic value to decorative ponds and lakes by creating captivating water features and enhancing water quality for aquatic flora and fauna.
In conclusion, the YL-Impeller Aerator stands as a versatile and reliable solution for aeration needs, combining technological innovation with durability and adaptability for various aquatic environments.
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