Wave Maker Utility-type Manufacturers

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Wave Maker Utility-type

Wave Maker Utility-type

Product introduction:

1、The product uses the gear deceleration technology of automobile engine and aircraft engine to improve the output torque, make the load more stable and reduce the noise.

2、Pond wave making accelerate oxygen dissovle rate,modulate upper and lower water temperature, and improve water quality.

3、The product is more efficient and efficient than the 1.5kW power products of the same kind, and the range of water waves is large.

Technical parameter

Model Power Oxygen generating capacity Power effciency Pumping capacity Wave making strength Impeller speed Dimensions Weight Farming coverage
YYL-0.75 0.75kW ≥1.35kg02/h 1.2kg02/h*kW ≥7,200m3/h 50mm Amplitude Wave Action Range (Diameter)≥70m 34rpm Φ1580*900mm 53kg 4669m2

An Wave Maker Utility-type with different voltage, frequency and power can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

Equipment combination

Parts description Quantity
Reducer and motor 1 set
Round float 1 pc
PP cover 1 pc
Support plate 1 pc
Tie bar 2 pcs
Fixed flap 2 pcs
Nylon impeller 4 pcs
Screw bag 1 pc