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Intermittent Surge Aerator

Intermittent Surge Aerator

Product introduction:

Surge aerator of simple and light design has the biggest advantage of power saving. Being different from impeller and paddle wheel aerators, its aeration principle lies in the unique flower-shaped spiral impeller fit with the unique float-bowl design, which can make the output water erupted upward to create a certain area of the water body like boiling water and surge, thereby increasing the water contact with the air during eruption to enhance the dissolved oxygen in the water. Secondly, the water goes around the motor and the reducer, allowing long hours’ running thanks to optimum water cooling, so as to eliminate problems like being burnt out, increased current and overheating after the long time running. This aerator can operate normally at the low voltage of 300~350V.

Wave-making function: strong waving function greatly increases contact area between water and air. And through such ways as aeration, air contact and algae photosynthesis, ultraviolet radiation, it allows to increase the oxygen-carrying capacity, improve the water quality and reduce the sewage discharge.

Water lifting capacity: with strong power of lifting water (to life the bottom water to the surface and spread it along the water surface), it effectively reduces the content of such harmful substances and gases as ammonia chloride, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, colibacillus, so as to improve quality of the pond sediment and inhibit pollution to the water body.

Technical parameter

Model Power kW Voltage V/50Hz Power efficiency kg/kW.h Aerobic capacity kg/h Loading Area Weight kg
YLZ 1.5 1.5 220 1.5 2.5 4-6 40
YLZ 1.5 1.5 380 1.5 2.74 6-8 38

An Intermittent Surge Aerator with different voltage, frequency and power can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

Equipment combination