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2JB6|3AC High Pressure Side Channel Ring Air Blower

The 2JB6|3AC High Pressure Side Channel Ring Air Blower stands as a robust and efficient solution for various industrial applications. This series is characterized by its unwavering reliability, streamlined design, and adherence to high-quality standards, making it an choice for industries that demand precision and consistency.
Key Features:
Versatile Power Options:
The 2JB6|3AC series offers a selection of power options ranging from 1.6 to 3.45KW, providing flexibility to cater to different operational needs. This versatility ensures that users can choose the specific model that aligns with their application requirements, promoting efficiency and energy savings.
High Pressure Performance:
Designed to excel in high-pressure environments, these side channel ring air blowers deliver exceptional performance. The system is engineered to generate and maintain elevated air pressure levels, making it suitable for applications where air compression is a critical factor.
Robust Construction:
The blower's construction is a testament to durability and longevity. Built with high-quality materials, the 2JB6|3AC series can withstand the rigors of industrial settings, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting performance. This robust construction minimizes downtime and maintenance costs.
Efficient Cooling System:
The blower incorporates an efficient cooling system that prevents overheating during prolonged operation. This feature not only enhances the lifespan of the equipment but also contributes to sustained performance, making it choice for continuous industrial processes.
IP55 Protection Rating:
The 2JB6|3AC series boasts an IP55 protection rating, providing a high level of defense against dust and water ingress. This ensures that the blower remains operational even in challenging environmental conditions, further expanding its suitability for a wide range of applications.
Low Noise Emission:
Noise levels are a crucial consideration in industrial settings. This blower is designed with noise reduction in mind, minimizing sound emissions without compromising performance. The result is a quieter operation that promotes a more conducive working environment.
Application Versatility:
The versatility of the 2JB6|3AC series extends to its application range. Whether it's pneumatic conveying, wastewater treatment, or aeration processes, these blowers can seamlessly integrate into various industrial setups, showcasing their adaptability and performance across diverse sectors.
Easy Installation and Maintenance:
Simplifying the user experience, these blowers are designed for easy installation and maintenance. The user-friendly design ensures that operators can set up and maintain the equipment with minimal effort, reducing downtime and enhancing overall operational efficiency.
Compliance with Industry Standards:
The 2JB6|3AC series complies with stringent industry standards, reflecting its commitment to quality and safety. This adherence to standards provides users with the confidence that the blower meets or exceeds the necessary criteria for reliable and safe operation.
Energy-Efficient Operation:
In an era where energy conservation is paramount, the 2JB6|3AC series is engineered for energy efficiency. The blower optimizes power consumption without compromising performance, contributing to cost savings over the long term while minimizing environmental impact.
In summary, the 2JB6|3AC High Pressure Side Channel Ring Air Blower stands out as a versatile, efficient, and reliable solution for various industrial applications. The 2JB6|3AC blower represents a commitment to quality, durability, and environmental responsibility, making it a trusted choice for businesses looking for a dependable and adaptable air blower solution.
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  • Parameter
  • curve
  • Model Single Frequency Output Voltage Current Max Airflow Rated Vacuum Rated Compress Noises Weight
    Double HZ KW V A m3/h mbar mbar dB(A) kg
    2JB610-H06 single 50 1.6 220-240∆/345-415Y 8.5∆/4.9Y 265 -170 180 68 25
    60 2.05 220-275∆/380-480Y 8.8∆/5.1Y 315 -180 190 70
    2JB610-H16 single 50 2.2 220-240∆/345-415Y
    265 -235 220 69 38
    60 2.55 315 -245 230 72
    2JB610-H26 single 50 3 220-240∆/345-415Y 12.5∆/7.2Y 365 -280 280 69 32
    60 3.45 220-275∆/380-480Y 12.6∆/7.3Y 315 -260 270 72
    2JB630-H06 single 50 1.6 220-240∆/345-415Y 8.5∆/4.9Y 345 -125 125 70 26
    60 2.05 220-275∆/380-480Y 8.8∆/5.1Y 415 -105 130 73
    2JB630-H16 single 50 2.2 220-240∆/345-415Y 9.7∆/5.6Y 345 -200 195 70 29
    60 2.55 220-275∆/380-480Y 10.3∆/6.0Y 415 -170 195 73
    2JB630-H26 single 50 3 220-240∆/345-415Y 12.5∆/7.2Y 345 -240 220 70 35
    60 3.45 220-275∆/380-480Y 12.6∆/7.3Y 415 -210 220 73

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