When is it appropriate to use aerators in fish pond farming

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When is it appropriate to use aerators in fish pond farming

Update:19 Feb 2021

The aerator is a device that uses diesel engines, elect […]

The aerator is a device that uses diesel engines, electric motors and other power to drive the workpiece, and the oxygen in the air is quickly transferred to the aquaculture water. The comprehensive utilization of physical, chemical, and biological functions can not only solve the problem of pond culture, but also fully eliminate harmful gases, increase the vitality and productivity of the fish pond, promote water exchange, improve water quality, reduce feed coefficient, increase breeding density, and increase breeding The raising intensity of the object greatly increases the yield per mu and increases the breeding income.

1. Sunny noon during summer high temperature. Especially the aquaculture ponds with fertile water and rich phytoplankton need to turn on the aerator for 2 to 3 hours. This is because in a fertile aquaculture pond, the transparency of the water body is 20-30 cm, and the middle layer of the water body has no light and weak photosynthesis. The aerator has the function of lifting water upwards and can form a vertical circulation flow in the culture pond when it is started.


2. During the day, the sun is strong, the temperature is high, and there is a sudden thunderstorm in the evening. A large amount of low temperature rainwater enters the breeding pond, the surface water temperature drops sharply, and the specific gravity sinks sharply. The lower water floats up due to the high temperature and high specific gravity. The water with high dissolved oxygen content in the upper layer passes to the lower layer, temporarily increasing the dissolved oxygen content in the lower layer. The photosynthesis of the phytoplankton is quickly consumed, and oxygen cannot be increased in the water. After the start, the dissolved oxygen in the upper and lower waters is evenly distributed. After the upper dissolved oxygen is reduced, it cannot be replenished. The lower dissolved oxygen is quickly consumed, which speeds up the cultivation. The overall dissolved oxygen consumption rate of the pool.


3. Continuous rainfall in summer. The photosynthesis of phytoplankton is weak, and the supply of dissolved oxygen in the water is low, which causes insufficient dissolved oxygen, which is easy to cause the death of fish, so more aerators must be opened.


4. It will not rain for a long time. The water temperature in the breeding pond is high, a large amount of drug administration causes a large amount of aquatic products to be excreted, the water quality is too fertile, the transparency is poor, there are many organic matters in the water, the dissolved oxygen in the upper and lower layers are crossed, and the lower layer has a large "oxygen debt". If new water is not supplied for a long time, the water quality will deteriorate, causing oxygen deficiency in aquatic products to surface. At this time, more oxygen boosters must be opened.


5. The aquatic products in the aquaculture ponds are too dense in summer. Other organisms consume oxygen, causing hypoxia, and more aquatic products surfaced locally or in the whole pond. Therefore, start the oxygen booster at 1-2 o'clock in the evening, and stop when the sun comes out at 7-8 o'clock the next morning. Phytoplankton can smoothly perform photosynthetic oxidation.


6. 1-2 hours before and after feed. The impeller aerator can agitate the water in the aquaculture pond to form a circulating flow of the water, bring the taste of feed to all parts of the water in the aquaculture pond, and at the same time achieve the trapping effect, make the aquatic products form the conditioned reflex habit of food materials.