What should I do if the microporous aeration pan enters the mud?

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What should I do if the microporous aeration pan enters the mud?

Update:04 Jul 2022

Applications in aquaculture: In terms of aquatic produc […]

Applications in aquaculture:
In terms of aquatic products, many users are outdoor aquaculture plants. The accumulation of silt at the bottom of the pond over the years results in a layer of silt. Some users have less silt and some have more! Faced with this situation, it is necessary to consider when installing the aeration plate, try not to touch the bottom of the aeration position, and recommend users to provide a little aeration position! The advantage of this is that it can prevent the aeration pipe from entering the mud, and it can also effectively reduce the turbidity of the water in the entire pond caused by blowing up the mud at the bottom.

After using for a long time, the surface layer of the nanotubes may be more or less blocked by the mud. The user can look at these disks whose aeration effect has decreased, and propose that the water surface should be cleaned with clean water and a brush. At the same time, a small air compressor is used to test this section of nanotubes, and the unvented micropores are blown open by the pressure of the air compressor! After cleaning, put it in the sun for about 1-2 days. Then you can continue to use it. Therefore, users do not need to worry when encountering such a situation. The well-maintained circular economy breeding system in the pool can prolong the service life of the aeration plate!



Application in sewage treatment:
When it is used in the aeration of the sewage pool, the excessive impurities in the sewage will also cause debris to adhere to the surface of the aerator, which may block the air outlet. If it is in the form of bottom-laying pipes, it is a bit inconvenient to replace, but if the method of throwing aeration pans is used, it can be lifted for maintenance. The cleaning method is the same as the above. It is the kind of aerator that will be blocked. Of course, when the solid-liquid ratio is relatively high, the form of piercing can be used to prevent it from being blocked. Facing other aerators In case of blockage, it must be cleaned in time to ensure the effect of aeration!

The so-called non-blocking by merchants is temporary, not really blocking! Therefore, users can use the aeration pan reasonably according to their own situation. The correct attitude to recognize the aerator! to better use! Or if conditions permit, you can regularly clean up the silt remaining at the bottom to maintain the amount of silt in the pool! It is also a way to solve blocked pipes.