What is the difference between the different colors of the microporous aerator?

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What is the difference between the different colors of the microporous aerator?

Update:22 Jun 2022

​The difference between the color bars of the microporo […]

​The difference between the color bars of the microporous aerator tube:
The main difference between the blue line aeration tube and the yellow line is the high-density tube and the low-density tube, which means that the size of the micropores above is different! If you want the aeration effect to produce small bubbles, you can choose the blue line tube, and you can see some differences in the subtle observation in use!


Microporous aerator features:
1. Efficient dissolved oxygen
Due to the bubbles generated by the ultra-fine pore aeration, the contact area with water in the water body is large, the floating flow rate is low, and the contact time is long, and the oxygen mass transfer efficiency of the nano aerator is extremely high.


2. Activation of water bodies
The aquaculture fan is equipped with a microporous aeration and oxygenation device. Sufficient dissolved oxygen enables the water body to establish a natural ecosystem and make the water alive. Enhance water purification


3. The aquaculture fan is equipped with microporous aeration and oxygenation to increase oxygen at the bottom of the water, while other aeration is to increase the oxygenation of the surface layer, while the aquaculture water body is mainly anoxic at the bottom of the water body. Aeration and oxygenation can convert it into organic matter dissolved by microorganisms, so that the water body can be self-purified and its function can be restored.



4. Ultra-low energy consumption
Due to the centralized oxygen supply of aquaculture fans and the use of microporous aeration oxygenation devices, the transmission efficiency of oxygen is extremely high, so that the dissolved oxygen per unit water body can quickly reach more than 45mg/L, which is less than a quarter of the oxygenation of waterwheels or impellers. First, the energy consumption can greatly save the electricity cost of farmers.


5. Realize ecological breeding and improve breeding efficiency
The continuous fan oxygenation provides sufficient dissolved oxygen for the water body, the self-purification ability of the water body can be restored and improved, the bacteria phase and the algae phase are naturally balanced, the natural ecology of the water body is built, and the viability of the breeding population is steadily improved to fully guarantee the breeding benefits.


6. Safety/environmental protection
The new aquaculture fan has the characteristics of oil-free, crystal clear operation and is installed on the shore, with good safety performance and will not bring any pollution to the water body. and fish and shrimp are potentially harmful.


7. Easy maintenance
The aquaculture fan adopts centralized feeding device and independent air diffuser, which makes the whole set of device light, durable and easy to maintain.


8. Mute
The aquaculture fan adopts unique design technology. It runs silently on the water surface without any sound, and has no impact on fish, shrimp and crabs. It is very suitable for some aquaculture species with high noise! ​​Especially suitable for shrimp and crab.