What are the uses of aerators? How does the aerator perform?

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What are the uses of aerators? How does the aerator perform?

Update:13 May 2022

Aerators are needed in many industries. It has stable p […]

Aerators are needed in many industries. It has stable performance and can bring convenience to everyone's production and operation. So what is the use of aerators?


Aerators are now unanimously popular with users. Good reviews. Due to the continuous upgrading of technology and the needs of production and life, various types of aerators have appeared. Aerators can be classified according to their application. Mainly divided into the following categories, namely Roots blower, desulfurization and oxidation fan, three-leaf aerator, three-leaf Roots blower, high-pressure fan intensive aerator, direct-connected aerator, belt-connected aerator, etc. Each type has its own unique performance behind it and is suitable for use in different industries.


What are the uses of aerators? Now everyone's awareness of green environmental protection is increasing, so the requirements for aquaculture are gradually increasing. Nowadays, there are large-scale aquaculture sites in various cities, but do you know that aerators also need to be used in the process of aquaculture? So what role does aerator play in aquaculture? The use of aeration function for aquaculture aeration system achieves purification and sediment stirring, helping the aerobic tank to obtain sufficient clean oxygen.



In the incinerator system, the aerator also needs to be used, so what role does it play? Adding an aerator can help increase the oxygen content in the water body, promote the growth of fish fry and shrimp, and make the oxygenation effect better. At the same time, the use of aerators is also a way to save energy and reduce costs.

What are the uses of aerators? In addition to the above, aerators can also be used in aquaculture. In the process of aquaculture, the oxygenation function is used to help oxygenate fish ponds and increase the density of fish fry. This can help users reduce the cost of operating fish ponds, which is unanimously welcomed by breeding users.


The main users of aerators are to provide an oxygen-rich environment for aquaculture products such as fish ponds, shrimp ponds, and crab ponds. They are widely used in aquaculture. Generally, Roots fans, vortex fans, and impellers are mainly used In these categories, such as type aerators, users need to choose aerobic equipment that suits them in different situations!