What are the use of oxygen generators?

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What are the use of oxygen generators?

Update:24 Sep 2021

The oxygen generator is a machine that is often used in […]

The oxygen generator is a machine that is often used in the fishing industry. Its main function is to increase the oxygen content in the water to ensure that the fish in the water does not hypoxia, and the growth of anaerobic bacteria in the water can also be suppressed, and the temperature of the pool is prevented from deteriorating the growth environment of the fish. It is generally the purpose of imparting air into the water by its own air pump to achieve an oxygen content in water.


First, improve the pond
The main performance is: When the pond is deficient, the oxygen generator can open the "floating head" of fish shrimp. When the dissolved oxygen in the sunny day is high, the convection of the water can be promoted, increase the dissolved oxygen in the water body, which helps the rapid growth of fish and shrimp, reduce the bait factor, promote the oxidation of organics, and reduce the occurrence of disease. In addition, the circulating water flow also promotes the reproduction and growth of plankton, and improves the primary productivity of the pond.


It can be seen that its role is not only an increase in oxygen in the water body, but also effectively promotes the improvement of pond primary productivity and self-cleaning capacity, thereby improving pond water quality and ecological environment. Its water circulation flow is not suitable for certain breeding objects such as hob, and the habit of shrimp, but has a good role in promoting healthy fish and shrimp, rapid growth has a good role.


Second, the shrimp field configuration
The control of the oxygen generator mainly depends on the situation of the water source, the reproductive density, the total energy supply of the water supply, and the like. Whether the water source is rich, whether the water quality is maintained. If the water quality is good, it can be considered to reduce allocation, otherwise there will be more, only the water is replaced only when the water quality is good. The reproductive density is per acre: the higher the distribution, the lower the assignment. Drainage energy consumption: If the intake drainage energy consumption is relatively small, you can consider less distribution.