What are the functions of the impeller aerator

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What are the functions of the impeller aerator

Update:27 Jul 2019

The impeller aerator is a widely used aerator. Let's an […]

The impeller aerator is a widely used aerator. Let's analyze the structure and function of the impeller aerator.

Water mixing

The impeller aerator has good water mixing performance and quick liquid level renewal, which can make the water temperature and dissolved oxygen of the pool water evenly distributed in a short period of time. The intensive fish ponds have a large temperature difference and oxygen difference between the upper and lower water layers at noon on sunny days. At this time, the aeration machine can fully exert the water mixing effect. The smaller the water surface of the aerator is, the shorter the circulation time of the upper and lower water layers. According to the measurement, in the sunny day at noon with a 3kW impeller aerator for different areas of the fish pond start-up test shows that 3.3 acres start 15 ~ 20min, 5 acres start 20 ~ 30min, 7 acres start 50min, 9 acres after 1h boot, the entire fish pond water The layer of dissolved oxygen is substantially evenly distributed.


When the impeller aerator is in operation, the dissolved gas in the water escapes the water surface through the water jump and the liquid level renewal. The rate at which it escapes is proportional to the concentration of the gas in the water. That is, the higher the concentration of a certain gas in water, the easier it is to escape into the air after starting up. Therefore, the escape rate of harmful gases (such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, etc.) accumulated in the lower layer of water after startup is greatly accelerated, and at this time, a scent of odor can be heard in the downwind of the aerator. The start-up at noon also accelerates the escape rate of dissolved oxygen in the upper layer of water. However, due to its strong water-carrying effect, the dissolved oxygen is not high, and most of the dissolved oxygen is still transported to the lower layer through an aerator.

The impeller aerator has many functions such as aeration, water agitation and gas explosion. It is a multi-aeration machine currently used, and its oxygen-enhancing capacity and power efficiency are superior to other models, but the running noise is large, generally A large pond with a water depth of 1 meter or more is in use.

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