What are the functions of the impeller aerator

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What are the functions of the impeller aerator

Update:29 Aug 2019

The impeller aerator has high power and high efficiency […]

The impeller aerator has high power and high efficiency, and can increase oxygen by more than 1800 grams per kilowatt hour. In the case of oxygen enrichment, pool water can effectively inhibit the occurrence of bacterial and viral diseases in aquaculture, which is of great significance for increasing yield and income of aquaculture.

Lift water and stir. The impeller aerator can raise the bottom water to alternate with the surface water, thereby increasing the oxygen to the lower layer water. The oxygenation depth is more than 2 meters, which is suitable for high-yield deep-water fish ponds.

Expose harmful gases. The impeller aerator has a strong aeration function, and harmful gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane and carbon monoxide in the pool water can be effectively exposed.

Water efficiency

The impeller aerator can also increase the efficiency of the freshwater aquaculture water, thereby improving the quality of the aquaculture water. For example, it can quickly remove the fish, shrimp, anoxic floating head, break the pool water layer, increase the pond primary productivity, increase the breeding density, increase the yield, Reduce feed coefficient, inhibit cyanobacteria "water bloom", purify water body, reduce CODcr and BOD5, denitrifying phosphorus in water bottom, breaking ice in winter, etc.

Because the impeller aerator increases the oxygen content of the pool water, it can effectively improve the water environment, realize the in-situ treatment of pond fishwater, and reuse the aquaculture water to reduce the discharge of polluted water.