What are the advantages of aeration tubes

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What are the advantages of aeration tubes

Update:31 May 2019

The aeration tube has been widely used in aquaculture, […]

The aeration tube has been widely used in aquaculture, sewage treatment, landscape water intelligence and other fields. The oxygenation tube is easy to install and reliable. There is no power supply farm. The following small series will introduce the advantages of the aeration tube. What, interested friends can look at the following article:

1. Due to the bubbles generated by the ultra-fine pore aeration, the contact surface between the water and the water is large, the flow rate of the floating is low, and the contact time is relatively long, so the mass transfer efficiency of oxygen is extremely high.

2. The oxygen-enhancing tube is like the water that turns into a slow flowing river. The dissolved oxygen makes the water body a natural ecosystem and allows the water to live.

3. microporous aeration and oxygen increase through the bottom of the water, other methods of oxygenation are through the surface of oxygen, and the aquaculture water is actually the bottom of the water, the bottom of the water body deposited fat, organic excrement, surplus Degraded organic matter such as metamorphic bait consumes a large amount of oxygen, and sufficient microporous aeration increases oxygen to convert it into organic matter dissolved and decomposed by microorganisms, so that the self-purification function of the water body can be restored.

4. Due to the use of oxygen-enhancing tubes, the mass transfer efficiency of oxygen is very high, and the dissolved oxygen per unit of water quickly reaches 4.5 mg/L, which is more than the general imagination, and less than a quarter of the energy consumption of the water tank or the impeller. Reduce the cost of production.

5. The microporous aeration of continuous replenishment provides sufficient dissolved oxygen for the water body, and the self-purification ability of the water body can be restored and improved, the bacterial phase and the algae phase are naturally balanced, and the natural ecology of the water body is constructed, and the viability of the cultured population is stably improved. Fully guarantee the breeding benefits.

6. The oxygen-increasing pipes are generally installed on the shore. The performance is good and will not bring any pollution to other water bodies. Other oxygen-enhancing methods are working in water, which is easy to leak electricity and has potential harm to human body and fish and shrimp.