The role of maintaining ecological aeration and oxygenation system

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The role of maintaining ecological aeration and oxygenation system

Update:14 Dec 2019

The aeration and aeration system is a very important pa […]

The aeration and aeration system is a very important part of adding dissolved oxygen in the water body in the biological-ecological pollution water body modification skills, and it is also the basic livelihood condition for microbial reproduction, attachment, and activation. The water-lifting aerator is equipped with high-speed rotating propellers to fully mix the lake water together with the water-lifting, so that the upper and lower circulation of the water layer can be fully mixed with the lake water, and then the lake water is completely dissolved in oxygen. The raised water and air (21% oxygen in the air) can differentiate a large amount of toxic substances in the water when touched, and reach the purpose of strong oxygenation to improve the water quality rapidly. (Submersible push flow aerator is used in the air Oxygen is injected into the water body, which has a strong mixing and aeration assisting function to achieve the purpose of aeration in the water, improve the dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water body, recover and enhance the vitality of aerobic microorganisms in the water body, and make pollutants in the water body Purification). During the operation of scene water purification, in the process of rapid up and down circulation of the water layer, the water body is accelerated to be circulated and oxygen is fully aerated to remove organic matter in the water and eliminate the stratification of water.

The occurrence of satisfied dissolved oxygen can make the broken biological chain useful for correction, and the perfect ecological system breaks the straight layering phenomenon of the static water body together, changes the non-uniformity of the straight distribution of dissolved oxygen in the water body, and destroys the blue The enriched layer of green algae changes the anaerobic environment at the sediment interface of the water body to aerobic environment, activates microorganisms, and then controls the occurrence of "algal bloom" phenomenon, which inhibits the anaerobic organic matter differentiation process at the bottom of the lake. The release amount of nutrients and other nutrients is reduced, and the BOD (chemical oxygen demand) and COD (chemical oxygen demand) values ​​of the organic matter pollution are significantly reduced, the black odor phenomenon disappears, and then the water quality environment is improved, which can effectively prevent non-mobile water quality Decay and odor, eliminate black smell. Because aeration and aquatic springs are full of oxygen, the effect of each machine can reach about 1500 square meters to 2000 square meters.

During the operation of the water-lifting aerator, the spray spray is beautiful in shape, adds the temperament and decoration of the lake, and fully reflects the harmony between man and nature. The waves generated by a strong power can cover the entire water surface, so that oxygen can be evenly distributed throughout the lake, effectively balancing the ecosystem and greatly improving the water environment. Therefore, after a few days, the lake water will become clear and then it will have the effect of purifying the water, reaching the protection of ecological water sources. So the scene water purification treatment aerator is widely used in scene water, river, natural and artificial lake, golf course and other surface water correction and treatment.

Scenery water purification and aeration and aeration technology is a useful skill in the management of polluted water bodies and has been fully applied to sewage treatment. It has the following primary advantages: ① it can effectively remove fine suspended particles, algae, solid impurities and phosphorus, nitrogen and other pollutants in water; ② aeration, mixing, and circulation greatly increase the dissolved oxygen content in water, which effectively improves The quality of the water environment; ③ The aeration system is greatly simplified, civil engineering and machine rooms are not needed, saving capital, easy to operate and protect, and fully automatic control; ④ low cost, high power efficiency, high processing efficiency, and saving operating costs ⑤The water-lifting aerator and submersible push-flow aerator have no noise pollution during use, and their beautiful and elegant appearance design has landscaping function during operation, creating a beautiful natural waterscape.