The role and precautions of impeller aerator

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The role and precautions of impeller aerator

Update:26 Dec 2020

Impeller aeration equipment has gradually become a good […]

Impeller aeration equipment has gradually become a good choice for aeration in water. The main reason lies in the lack of oxygen in the pond water body, and the conventional aeration equipment at that time could not meet the demand, and could not solve the problem of a large number of fish deaths caused by the lack of oxygen in the high-yield floating head. In this context, the subject of hypoxia in aquaculture ponds was undertaken. After research and investigation, it is found that the oxygen content in the water can be increased by improving the aerator. Moreover, by simplifying the aerator, changing the fixed installation of the aerator to a floating type, changing the water level adjustment to a fixed water level, changing the speed adjustment to a fixed speed, and canceling the complicated water level adjustment device and speed adjustment system, the oxygen increase can be further reduced. The cost of the machine.


The impeller type aerator is mainly composed of a motor, a reduction box, a surface impeller and a floating ball. Today, a product series has been formed, and two impeller type aerators are commonly used.
Oxygen increasing effect: Its oxygen increasing effect is inversely proportional to the dissolved oxygen saturation of the pool water. Therefore, the aerator can be turned on at night or in the early morning when the dissolved oxygen in the pool water is low, so that the aerator's aeration effect can be fully realized.
Water stirring effect: It is mainly to cause the circulation of the pool water, so that the dissolved oxygen in the upper and lower water layers of the whole pool can be basically evenly distributed. According to this principle of action, it is appropriate to turn on at noon on a sunny day, because at this time the dissolved oxygen in the upper and lower water layers differ greatly, and the dissolved oxygen in the upper water is often supersaturated.
Aeration: It can make the gas dissolved in the pool water escape. Its escape rate is proportional to the concentration of the gas in the water, so starting at night and early in the morning can accelerate the escape of toxic gases in the water, because the concentration of toxic gases in the water at night and early in the morning is high.


Aquatic product aerator tells about the impeller type aerator adopts mechanical method to increase oxygen. The motor drives the water surface impeller to agitate the water surface, stir the gas film and liquid film, increase the contact area of ​​gas and liquid, and expand the concentration gradient of oxygen in the water. Increase the speed of oxygen transfer and diffusion in the air into the water. The aeration effect of this machine is very obvious. By using an impeller type aerator, an oxygen-rich ring can be formed in the water body.



The dissolved oxygen content and water temperature of the water body are consistent with the upper water body. Impeller aerator is a widely used pond fish farming machine at present. It aerates and aerates the water body through impeller stirring and other methods to improve water quality and promote fish growth and increase fish production. In order to ensure safe operation and improve the quality of operation, the following points should be noted. The aerator is subject to greater torsion during work and must be installed firmly. The cable should be fixed on the rack with a lock clip, and must not be subjected to tensile force, and must not be pulled as a rope to avoid poor contact of the thread. The protective cover should be installed correctly to prevent the electrical circuit from getting wet. At the same time, pay attention to protect the junction box to avoid leakage or short circuit accidents caused by water splash.


When the aerator is launched into the water, the unit should be moved into the water in a horizontal or nearly horizontal state to prevent the lubricating oil in the reduction box from overflowing from the vent. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to contact the motor with water, so as not to burn the motor due to flooding. The installation depth of the aerator should be such that the water line mark on the impeller is flush with the water surface. If there is no mark, the upper end surface should be flush with the water surface to prevent the motor from being burned due to excessive water penetration and overload. When starting, pay attention to observe the transportation of the aerator. If there is reversal, abnormal noise, unstable vibration, etc., you should stop it immediately and restart it after troubleshooting. During operation, pay attention that people and animals should not be close to the impeller of the aerator to avoid damage from the impeller. When the entanglement or attachment on the impeller is found, it should be removed in time.