The principle and use method of aeration type aeration equipment and water tillage machine

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The principle and use method of aeration type aeration equipment and water tillage machine

Update:09 Oct 2021

Aeration and oxygenation equipment is a new type of wat […]

Aeration and oxygenation equipment is a new type of water aeration equipment that has emerged in recent years. It consists of Roots blowers (air compressors, sliding vane pumps, etc.), ventilation manifolds, branch pipes, joints, hoses and aeration pipes (pans), and brackets. It is a new type of three-dimensional aeration and oxygenation technology. The aeration tube is generally a microporous tube made of polymer materials, and the diameter of the micropore is generally about 0.01 to 0.05. When underwater, water will not penetrate into the tube due to surface tension, and the pressure is 0.2 to 0.3 MPa when working. The clean air (oxygen) is squeezed out of the micropores, and countless micro-bubbles with a diameter of 0.5-2mm are generated in the water, which form a mist-like spiral rise in the water, with a diffusion distance of about 1.5-3m.


The main principle of this technology is to exchange the oxygen produced by the algae in the water body from the surface of the water body to the bottom of the pond through aeration; the second is to increase the contact area between the air and the water body and increase the dissolved oxygen in the water body by rising bubbles; Frequency conversion aerator three is that the charged gas itself is partially dissolved in the water, which increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water body. Especially in special breeding or in the case of deep water, it has a good effect of dissolving oxygen in the lower water body, making the dissolved oxygen And nutrients are evenly distributed throughout the water body to ensure the healthy growth of aquatic organisms. Effectively solve the problem of oxygen increase in high-density, factory-oriented, and intensive aquaculture.


The water tillage machine is a new type of technology introduced from Japan. It is a new type of aquaculture machinery that can improve the ecological environment of the water body, reduce energy consumption, and increase the production and quality of aquaculture. It is currently used more in Japan. By promoting water circulation, while increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water body, it effectively improves the water quality, reduces the content of harmful substances, and increases the total plankton and the utilization rate of bait.


The principle of the water tillage machine is to generate a water flow that expands to the water surface through the rotation of the machine's paddle wheel wings, forming a rising circulating water flow in the center of the machine, so that the water at the bottom of the water body can be guided and raised to the water surface, absorbing oxygen and sunlight Then dive into the bottom. This can make the water body fully exposed to ultraviolet light, enhance the effect of ultraviolet light on the water body, eliminate various fungi such as green algae and Escherichia coli floating in the water, and promote the reproduction and growth of beneficial algae and plankton in the water body. Microorganisms and surplus bait gather together to grow into harmless groups and become fish food, forming a complete food chain, reducing the amount of bait and increasing the utilization rate of bait. Similarly, through the circulation of the water body, a window-opening effect is achieved in the water body, so that some low-molecular substances are emitted from the water body, which plays a role in water purification, eliminates odors and blisters, and reduces cod and bod as well as The nitrogen content makes the water clear.