The new fish farming aerator comes on the market

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The new fish farming aerator comes on the market

Update:11 Nov 2020

The great development of China's aquaculture industry b […]

The great development of China's aquaculture industry began with the reform and opening up 40 years ago. It is also during these 40 years that China’s aquatic animal protection industry has grown from scratch, from imitation to innovation, from start-up to modernization, and after several generations of efforts, it has finally developed into an industry with increasingly perfect production, education and research, and an output value of nearly 10 billion. The accumulated losses recovered for China's aquaculture industry are in the hundreds of billions. Thousands of companies, large and small, have participated in this. It has become one of the most active areas in China's aquaculture industry.


There is no doubt that the moment is a critical period for the great transformation of China's aquatic animal protection industry. Under such pressure, how will China's aquatic animal protection industry develop next? Where is the way out for traditional aquatic animal insurance companies? How to strengthen the smooth communication between industry enterprises and regulatory authorities to jointly promote the sound development of the industry?


Fishery Frontier Magazine and China Fishery Channel will hold the National Aquatic Animal Insurance Industry Annual Conference from September 17-18, 2018, together with the aquatic animal insurance regulatory authorities, domestic and foreign authoritative experts, and the country’s top aquatic animal insurance companies to discuss the above issue. During the preparations for the conference, the Fishery Frontline conducted an interview with General Manager Pan Shifu. The following is the content of the interview.



Aquatic Frontier: What are the advantages of the company in the field of aerators and what is the current business situation?


Pan Shifu: The company has more than 20 advanced processing equipment from Japan and Germany, with an annual production capacity of 200,000 units of agricultural machinery, fishery machinery, and water pumps. In 2010, it successfully entered the national promotion catalog and the national subsidy catalog, and has the qualification for self-support import and export rights. The company has been engaged in the aerator industry for nearly 20 years and has permanent magnet variable frequency aerators, impeller aerators, waterwheel aerators, surge aerators, aeration aerators, jet aerators There are various types of machines, spouting aerators, etc.


At present, Jinhulong series products sell well all over the country and serve more than 10,000 farmers in China each year. In foreign countries, the products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and other countries and regions, and have a high reputation and popularity among users. In 2017, the company successfully achieved the goal of over 100 million yuan in output value.



Aquatic Frontier: What are the advantages of the company's latest permanent magnet variable frequency aerator?


Pan Shifu: In 1972, the first generation of impeller aerator was launched, which served the aquaculture industry with a power of 7.5kW and brought a new revolution in aquaculture. Slowly, the second and third generation products also came into being. This time, we replaced the original gearbox structure with a permanent magnet DC brushless motor and controller. The benefits are more stable product quality, high energy-saving benefits, and convenient after-sales. The high-efficiency permanent magnet variable frequency aerator consumes about 30%-50% less electricity per unit time than the traditional aerator. 1.5Kw reaches 2.2Kw, which is close to 3.0Kw. This is a major aerator. Mobility changes.


In addition, the permanent magnet variable frequency aerator also has the following advantages: 1. Environmental protection: no gear box, no refueling, no pollution; 2. Maintenance-free: no gear box, eliminating the need for daily maintenance of changing gear oil; 3. Low Noise: There is no gear box rotation, which effectively reduces noise and improves the breeding environment; 4. Soft start: Slow start, will not damage fish and shrimp; 5. Burn-free machine: Phase loss and overload protection are installed to effectively prevent motor failure; 6. The normal operation of ultra-low voltage will not burn out the machine due to too low or too high and unstable grid voltage; 7. Easy installation and maintenance: light weight, convenient installation, one person can operate the water and shore; 8. Low temperature rise: Can run continuously for a long time.



Aquatic Frontier: As a new product, what resistance has it encountered in its promotion?


Pan Shifu: The permanent magnet variable frequency aerator is our main product at present. We have the most down-to-earth salesperson to promote face-to-face with farmers and participate in various related fishery exhibitions. At the same time, we have established many new sales agents, who are engaged in the sales of fishery medicines, aerators, pump products, etc., to help us expand the offline promotion of new products. Online, we promote through many online stores such as Taobao, and put multiple articles on the WeChat team in time periods, as the core product of our e-commerce.


Since it is a new product and new technology that customers have never seen before, how to make them accept our promotion has a great test. There will inevitably be interference from various factors in the process. After all, the breeding site is complicated, and our products cannot be completely simulated during testing. This has led to many unforeseen problems when we launched the first batch of products. For example, the power supply line of some farmers is about 300 meters long. When the weather is hot, the voltage of 220V to the controller is only 130V, and our minimum working voltage for the controller is set at 140V.



Aquatic Frontier:Can you tell us about the new production base?


Pan Shifu: The company established a new production base in Sanmen County, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. The base covers an area of ​​30 acres, with independent production, processing, and quality inspection workshops, as well as a brand new factory plan. The production workshop has been completed, and the large plastic production equipment has been moved to the new factory area for the production of large plastic accessories such as floating boats and impellers. Sanmen County, as a large marine fishery industry county in Zhejiang Province, has outstanding advantages in marine resources and is an important area for the development of modern fishery economy. In the future, the company will set up its own fishery breeding base in Sanmen County and invest in the aquaculture industry.



Aquatic Frontier: Regarding the current market competition pattern, what plans does the company have next?


Pan Shifu: First, brand first, quality first. Firmly control product quality, ensure product vitality, and fight a protracted battle and word-of-mouth battle in a competitive market. The company has invested a lot of money in the introduction of testing technology and personnel training in the past two years.


The second is product replacement. The times are constantly developing, mechanization, artificial intelligence, big data and so on. For new products, we will combine the latest technological research and development. For old products, we will make improvements based on market feedback.


The third is to strengthen internal management of enterprises. Every employee is self-driven, thinking and solving problems independently. Cultivate teamwork awareness. Any employee who leaves the team to work is unqualified.


The fourth is to strengthen market promotion. Through the company's market management, the latest products and technologies are popularized to every farmer, bringing the greatest benefits to farmers and distributors.


The fifth is to open up new channels. The traditional sales model is the most grounded and must be indispensable. However, in the Internet era and big data era, what Jinhu Electromechanical has to do is to dig out more updated sales channels. In the next two years, Jinhulong series products will be more in the form of e-commerce products to bring the most comprehensive services to farmers.