The main role of the splash aerator

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The main role of the splash aerator

Update:29 Mar 2019

An aerator is a machine that is often used in fish farm […]

An aerator is a machine that is often used in fish farming. Its main function is to increase the oxygen content in the water to ensure that the fish in the water will not be deficient in oxygen, and at the same time, it can inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria in the water and prevent the deterioration of the water from threatening the living environment of the fish. Aerators generally use the air pump that comes with them to drive air into the water to increase the oxygen content in the water.

By driving the working parts through a power source such as an electric motor or a diesel engine, the "oxygen" in the air is quickly transferred to the equipment in the aquaculture water body, which can comprehensively utilize physical, chemical and biological functions, and can not only solve the problem of lack of oxygen in pond culture. The problem of fish floating head, and can eliminate harmful gases, promote water convective exchange, improve water quality conditions, reduce feed coefficient, improve fish pond activity and primary productivity, thereby increasing stocking density, increasing feeding intensity of cultured objects, promoting growth, and making acres The production has been greatly improved, and the purpose of increasing the income of farming has been fully achieved.
There are many types of aerators, their characteristics and working principles are also different, the oxygenation effect is quite different, and the scope of application is not the same. The producers can choose the appropriate increase according to the demand of dissolved oxygen in different farming systems. Oxygen machine for good economy.