The application of aeration technology of microporous pipes in fish ponds!

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The application of aeration technology of microporous pipes in fish ponds!

Update:11 Jul 2022

The microporous pipeline oxygenation system is composed […]

The microporous pipeline oxygenation system is composed of the main engine, the main pipeline and the aeration pipeline. The main engine adopts the Roots blower, because it has the characteristics of long life, high air supply pressure, air supply stability and strong operation reliability. The main pipeline can choose galvanized pipe and PVC pipe. There are mainly three kinds of inflatable pipes, namely PVC pipe, aluminum-plastic pipe and microporous pipe (also known as nanotube), among which PVC pipe and nanotube are the main ones. Combined with the actual production, the bottom layer oxygenation system used in the test pool is the oxygenation system produced by Changsheng Machinery. The main pipe and branch pipe are arranged: the main pipe of the blower-branch pipe and the joint nano-aeration pipe fixed on it.


The blower is a Roots blower, the main pipe is a PVC pipe, the diameter of the pipe is 50mm, the diameter of the branch pipe is 10mm, the spacing is 8m, and the length is determined according to the width of the pool. Nano aeration tube. The nano-aeration tube is fixed on the pond part about 15cm above the bottom of the pond with polyethylene rope, basically on the same level. During aeration, the blower operates to transport oxygen through all levels of pipelines, and finally form a bottom-up three-dimensional, all-round oxygenation system. At the same time, each control pool was equipped with two impeller aerators with a power of 3kW to perform aeration in the traditional mode.



1. Water level adjustment
The water level adjustment adopts the traditional water injection type, and new water is added. The water level is controlled at about 0.7m before April to increase the temperature of the pool water. The 360-degree air feeder promotes the growth of fish, and the water level is maintained at 1.0m from May to June. ~ 1.2m, the water level is kept at 1.5m~ 2.0m in the high temperature season in summer to reduce the temperature of the pool water. After the high temperature is over, the water level is kept at about 1.5m.


2. Use of aerators
In summer, the fish pond aerator implements "three open and two closed". Open at noon on a sunny day, open early in the morning on a cloudy day, open in the middle of the night on a cloudy and rainy day, closed in the evening on a sunny day, and closed at noon on a cloudy day. In other months, the aerator can be used flexibly according to the weather and the dissolved oxygen in the water, and the start-up time should also be determined according to the dissolved oxygen content.


3. Maintenance of microporous aerators
(1) The microporous tube can not be exposed on the water surface, and can not be close to the bottom mud, otherwise, it should be adjusted in time.
(2) If the aeration of the microporous tube is found to be abnormal, it should be repaired in time.
(3) Using this microporous aerator in the pond will not be blocked for three months. If it is blocked due to excessive algae attachment, pick it up and dry it, shake off the attachments or soak it in 20% washing powder for an hour. After cleaning it, let it dry before use.