The advantages of using microporous aeration discs for oxygenation in fish ponds!

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The advantages of using microporous aeration discs for oxygenation in fish ponds!

Update:30 May 2022

Microporous bottom oxygenation, with small bubbles, slo […]

Microporous bottom oxygenation, with small bubbles, slow rise and large contact surface with water, improves the oxygen content of water body. It completely changes the phenomenon of oxygen deficiency at the bottom of the pond and speeds up the oxidation of organic matter, thus reducing the harm of harmful gases to the breeding species and reducing the probability of diseases; at the same time, the product works with little noise and does not cause emergency reflections in the breeding species. Under this condition, the breeding species' vitality increases and the feeding quantity improves, thus increasing the growth rate and reducing the breeding cycle!



1. Increase the breeding density, improve the breeding yield
2. Maintain good water quality and greatly reduce the occurrence of diseases
3. Improve the quality of breeding products and increase breeding efficiency
4. All-round three-dimensional silent oxygenation, to eliminate stress reflection
5. Effectively increase the dissolved oxygen in the anoxic layer of the water body and keep the water flowing
6. Effectively reduce the concentration of ammonia, nitrogen, hydrogen chloride, sub-salt and other harmful substances


The traditional oxygenator relies on mechanical movement to stir the water surface to increase oxygen, its oxygenation effect is limited to the surface local water surface, the pool circulation economic breeding system and can not reach the bottom of the true oxygen deficiency. When the oxygen deficiency on, fish and shrimp in large numbers near the oxygenator, but make it a serious local oxygen deficiency and fail to achieve the purpose of oxygenation; its mechanical movement is easy to cause fish and shrimp casualties.


Microporous oxygenation is by the shore power supply air to the bottom of the aeration tube oxygenation, its out bubble small, rising slowly, and the water contact surface is large, all-round three-dimensional silent substantially increase the oxygen content of the water; from the bottom up airflow can extend the floating time of the feed in the water, thereby improving the feed utilization rate to reduce the cost of breeding; installation using a mu of more than one plate, a machine more than one mu of methods, and traditional comparison of low energy consumption, the use of experience derived for saving 80% of electricity.