Talking about the maintenance of aerators

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Talking about the maintenance of aerators

Update:11 Feb 2022

1. Maintenance of the motor of the aerator manufacturer […]

1. Maintenance of the motor of the aerator manufacturer

1) Make the environment of the aeration motor dry, and clean the dust inside the rotor in time.

2) When the motor runs for about 4000 hours, please add or replace the grease once. If the bearing overheats or the grease deteriorates while the motor is running, replace the grease immediately. When replacing the grease, first remove the old grease, then clean the bearing and bearing cap oil tank with gasoline.

3) When the motor bearing is damaged or reaches the limit value, please replace the bearing immediately.

4) When the rotor of the motor is in a cooling or high temperature state, measure the air gap value on both sides of the rotor with a plug gauge, and correct the center line until the size of the air gap is less than 10%.

5) Check once or twice a year whether the slip ring of the inflator is smooth, whether the slip ring is burned by sparks, whether the slip ring is severely oxidized and whether the brush vibrates violently.

6) Under the normal working conditions of the motor, remotely measure the insulation resistance between the coils every 2 months, and solve the problem as soon as it is found.



2. Maintenance of the aerator gearbox The gearbox is a heavy-duty cast iron box with a certain amount of oil. In order to lubricate the gears, it is necessary to carefully check:

1) Check whether the oil has deteriorated, if so, it must be replaced immediately.

2) Check whether the internal oil is at the specified oil level. If the quantity is not sufficient for lubrication requirements, immediately add new oil to the specified oil level.

3) Change the oil in the transmission every 6 months. When changing the oil, please add the old oil first, then use the diesel engine to clean the iron filings and sand, and then add the new oil to the specified oil level.

4) Frequently check whether the bolts on the gearbox are loose, and tighten them quickly if they are loose.


3. Maintenance of aeration impeller and pontoon bridge
1) Always check whether the draft of the aerator impeller exceeds the water line. When the draft exceeds the waterline, it is an indication that the floating roof tank is leaking. Repair the floating oil tank in time, and add water to the designated position so that the impeller does not exceed the water line for a long time.

2) Check whether the technical condition of the impeller is good. If the impeller is deformed or damaged, immediately modify it or replace it with a new one to keep the impeller working properly.

3) Check the welded part of the aerator float for rust and water leakage every 6 months. If it is rusted or leaking, it must be repaired in time to ensure the normal operation of the floating tank.