Talking about the composition and advantages of frequency conversion aerator

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Talking about the composition and advantages of frequency conversion aerator

Update:31 Dec 2020

The function of the variable frequency aerator is not o […]

The function of the variable frequency aerator is not only to directly increase the oxygen of the water body, but also to effectively stir the water body, improve the activity of algae, greatly improve the water quality and ecological environment of the pond, break the stratification of the water body, and maintain the activity of the water body. Farmed fish and shrimp grow healthier and faster.


Regarding the choice of variable frequency aerators, most people make decisions based on the performance of their operating conditions, but there must be errors in visual observation, and there is no lack of interference from subjective factors. A better way is to check the manufacturer's manual of the aerator, which contains parameters such as oxygen increase capacity and power efficiency. This is a test result under a relatively standard and authoritative environment, which is very intuitive and reliable.



In fact, on the whole, variable frequency aerator = variable frequency controller + motor + accessories. If you compare traditional aerator and variable frequency aerator, then traditional aerator = AC asynchronous motor, variable frequency aerator = Synchronous motor. The motor rotor of the variable frequency aerator are long-lasting magnets, and the rotor speed when the motor rotates is synchronized with the speed of the stator magnetic field, so it is called a synchronous motor. Compared with asynchronous motors, synchronous motors have the advantages of high efficiency, and the speed is less affected by load voltage.


The variable frequency aerator needs a variable frequency controller to control the motor. The vector magnetic field is applied to the motor stator winding through the control algorithm, and the motor rotor is rotated by the rotating vector magnetic field to achieve the purpose of controlling the motor rotation. Therefore, the main Including microprocessor chip (MCU), power module, drive circuit, power tube IGBT, etc. Simply put, the frequency conversion controller is the brain of the entire frequency conversion aerator, using advanced control algorithms to control the rotation of the motor.


If the frequency conversion aerator is like a person, the motor is like a person's limbs, and the frequency conversion controller is like the human brain, and the movements of the hands and feet are controlled by the brain. The various components in the variable frequency aerator play the role of various departments, and send different instructions according to the received external information to control the start, stop and rotation of the motor.


An efficient motor can better complete the instructions of the controller, and a good controller can process the received information and issue instructions more effectively. Advanced controller + high-efficiency motor is a strong cooperation, which can obtain greater benefits with less cost. This is the practical significance of the frequency conversion aerator.