Six precautions you need to pay attention to when using an aerator

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Six precautions you need to pay attention to when using an aerator

Update:21 Jul 2022

Aerator is a kind of equipment that drives working part […]

Aerator is a kind of equipment that drives working parts through a power source such as an electric motor or a diesel engine, so that the "oxygen" in the air is quickly transferred to the aquaculture water body. It can eliminate the problem of fish floating head caused by lack of oxygen, and can eliminate harmful gases, promote water convective exchange, improve water quality conditions, and reduce feed coefficient.

Improve the activity and primary productivity of fish ponds, thereby increasing the stocking density, increasing the feeding intensity of the breeding objects, promoting growth, greatly increasing the yield per mu, and fully achieving the purpose of increasing breeding income.



Six precautions to pay attention to when using an aerator:
1. The rubber-plastic integrated microporous pipes should be kept on the same level as possible, which is conducive to the supply of gas at each aeration point. If it is really impossible, the power of the aerator should be appropriately increased according to the depth of the crab pond.

2. The location of the aerobic power host should be as far away from the tangkou as possible.
The molting growth of juvenile crabs requires a relatively quiet and comfortable environment. Although the noise of the pipe aerator is relatively small, it should still be kept away from the pond mouth as much as possible, so as to provide a more suitable growth environment for the molting of juvenile crabs.

3. If the pipe microporous aerator is used, if the noise is relatively large and the outlet pipe is hot and hot, it means that the number of micropores on the pipe is not enough, and the number of micropores should be increased or the length of the pipe should be increased to increase the total amount of air.

4. The load area of ​​the pipe microporous aerator is large, which is 2~4 times that of the impeller aerator, and the electricity consumption is relatively small. The farmers should turn on the machine more to avoid idle.

5. There is sufficient dissolved oxygen in the shallow waters of crab ponds, and young crabs prefer to stay in deep waters during high temperature. Therefore, the aeration pipes are mainly arranged in deep waters to better suit the high temperature period when young crabs live in sufficient dissolved oxygen and the water temperature is relatively high. low requirements

6. After the installation of the pipe microporous aerator, it should be turned on and used frequently to prevent the microporous blockage. After the end of the annual winter fishing, it should be cleaned in time.