Refinement classification of aerator

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Refinement classification of aerator

Update:19 Jun 2019

The cultivation of fisheries is continuously refined an […]

The cultivation of fisheries is continuously refined and classified. In different environments, we have also developed various aerators, so that we can select the most suitable aerator products according to different farming environments.

Impeller aerator
It has the combined functions of aeration, water agitation and gas explosion. It is the most widely used aerator. The annual output value is about 150,000 units. Its oxygen-enhancing capacity and power efficiency are better than other models, but the operation noise is relatively large. It is used for large-scale pond culture with a water depth of 1 m or more.

Waterwheel aerator
It has good oxygen-enhancing effect and promotes the flow of water. It is suitable for ponds with deep sludge and an area of ​​1000 to 2 540 m2.

Jet aerator
The aeration machine has an aerobic power efficiency exceeding that of a water tank type, a gas-filled type, a water spray type, etc., and has a simple structure, can form a water flow, and stirs a water body. The jet aerator can make the water body gently increase oxygen, does not damage the fish body, and is suitable for aerobic use in the fry pond.

Water spray aerator
It has a good oxygen-enhancing function, which can quickly increase the dissolved oxygen content of the surface water body in a short time, and also has an artistic viewing effect, which is suitable for use in gardens or tourist areas.

Inflatable aerator
The deeper the water, the better the effect, suitable for use in deep water bodies.

Suction aerator
The air is sent into the water by vacuum suction, and the vortex is mixed with the water to push the water forward, so the mixing force is strong, and the oxygen-increasing ability of the lower layer water is stronger than that of the impeller aerator, and the oxygen of the upper layer is increased. The ability is slightly lower than the impeller aerator.

Eddy current aerator
It is mainly used for oxygenation in the northern ice water body and has high oxygenation efficiency.
This is the current aerators on the market. These product types cover most of the products on the market today, and are common and practical fish pond farming aids.