Rational use of impeller aerator

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Rational use of impeller aerator

Update:17 May 2019

The impeller aerator has functions of mixing water, aer […]

The impeller aerator has functions of mixing water, aeration, mixing, aeration, etc., all of which are performed simultaneously during the operation of the machine. After starting up, the impeller sucks the oxygen-poor water in the lower part of it, and then pushes it out to make the dead water into living water. The water under the impeller is strongly agitated by the blades and the agitating water pipe, and the water surface is stirred to form a water curtain that can be entrapped in the air, which not only enlarges the contact surface area of ​​the gas-liquid interface, but also thins the double film between the gas and the liquid. And constantly updated to speed up the dissolution rate of oxygen dissolved in water in the air. When stirring, the original harmful gases in the water (such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane, sulfur dioxide, etc.) are desorbed from the water by aeration and discharged into the air. Since the impeller forms a negative pressure at the rear of the agitating pipe during the rotation process, the air can be sucked into the water through the agitating pipe, and is immediately stirred into microbubbles into the impeller pressure zone, so that it is also advantageous for accelerating the dissolution rate of oxygen in the air. Improve oxygenation efficiency. As the lower layer of water is continuously lifted and mixed with the surface water, the surface water is continuously renewed, and the original surface water is continuously replenished to the lower layer due to gravity.

This function of the impeller aerator is excellent because it not only helps to break the vertical uniformity of dissolved oxygen in the pool water, but also gives full play to the oxygen-enhancing effect of pond aquatic organisms. There are many models of aerators, and the most used ones in pond culture are impeller aerators. This is because the impeller aerator has many functions such as stirring water, aeration, mixing, aeration, etc. It is more suitable for regulating the water quality of the still water pond, and the oxygenation efficiency is also relatively high.