Precautions for using aerator

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Precautions for using aerator

Update:27 Dec 2019

The impeller aerator is currently widely used in pond f […]

The impeller aerator is currently widely used in pond fish farming machinery. It is used to aerate the aquatic body by means of impeller agitation, aeration, improve water quality and promote fish growth, increase fish production, in order to ensure safe operation and improve operation quality , Feeding machine manufacturers remind everyone to pay attention to the following points:

1. The protective cover of the impeller aerator should be installed correctly to prevent the electrical wiring from getting wet by water. At the same time, pay attention to protect the junction box to avoid leakage or short circuit caused by water splashing.

2. When the aerator is launched, the unit should be moved into the water in a level or near-horizontal state to prevent the lubricant in the gearbox from overflowing from the vent hole. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden for the motor to come into contact with water, so as not to burn the motor due to water flooding.

3. The installation depth of the aerator should be so that the "waterline" mark on the impeller is flush with the water surface. If there is no mark, the upper end face should be flush with the water surface to prevent the water from getting too deep and the motor from overloading and burning out.

4. The aerator is subject to large torque during work and must be installed firmly. The cable should be fixed on the rack with a locking clip. It must not bear the tensile force and must not be pulled as a rope to avoid poor contact of the cable ends.

5. When starting, you should pay attention to the transportation of the aerator. If reverse rotation, abnormal noise, unstable vibration and other phenomena occur, you should immediately stop the machine and restart it after troubleshooting.

6. During operation, pay attention that people and animals must not be close to the impeller of the aerator to avoid impeller damage. The windings or attachments on the impeller should be removed in time. If it is found that due to the wear of the floating body, the buoyancy should be checked and repaired, so as not to increase the load and burn the motor. Note: When checking and troubleshooting, be sure to stop and cut off the power.

7. It is necessary to flexibly master the startup according to weather changes, fish dynamics, and aerator load. The principle is: open at noon on a sunny day, early in the morning on a cloudy day, open in the middle of the rain in the middle of the night, not open in the evening, and the floating head opens early. Open every day, long boot time at midnight and noon. In the main growing season of fish, you should pay attention to the high temperature and strong light during the day. When the thunder line falls in the evening, or the south wind rises during the day, the temperature is very high, when the north wind suddenly rises at night, or when the water quality is excessive due to heavy feeding. Attention should be paid to early startup to prevent "floating ponds" caused by fish floating heads.