Maintenance and maintenance of aerator

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Maintenance and maintenance of aerator

Update:06 Sep 2019

Regardless of the mechanical equipment, it is very impo […]

Regardless of the mechanical equipment, it is very important for maintenance and maintenance. The aerator is no exception. So, do you know what the maintenance and maintenance of the aerator is?

1. Daily maintenance of aerator
The aerator should be inspected and maintained frequently during daily use to ensure normal and safe use. The motor is the heart of the aerator. When using it, check it frequently, if there is any abnormal noise, whether the bearing is damaged or not; whether the gearbox has oil leakage, whether it needs to be replaced, whether the impeller is deformed or damaged, whether the pipeline is running or not, and the wiring is checked. Whether the box is subject to water leaching needs to be replaced.

2. Post-season maintenance of aerator
After the aerator is used for one season, it should be disassembled and maintained. The grease on each part should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. If necessary, install it into a whole machine.