Main types of aerator products

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Main types of aerator products

Update:13 Apr 2019

1.Paddle wheel aerator is an aerator that was developed […]

1.Paddle wheel aerator is an aerator that was developed earlier and used a lot. After the start-up, the impeller stirs up water to form a huge splash, increasing the contact area of ​​the water and gas, so that the oxygen dissolves into the water. It also has a water lifting function that promotes convective exchange of water. Therefore, the oxygen uptake capacity of the upper layer water and the bottom layer water is relatively strong.

2.Jet aerator is equipped with a nozzle on the basis of the submersible pump, and the structure is relatively simple. When in use, the pool water is sprayed into the air to form a mist, and then falls back to the original pool. In this process, the contact area of ​​water and air is greatly increased, so that oxygen is dissolved in the water. Because of the surface water in the submersible pump unit, the fountain aerator mainly increases the surface water and makes it difficult to increase the oxygen in the bottom water.

3. Leaf spray aerator is designed after the point of integrated impeller aerator and fountain aerator. The machine is equipped with a transfer switch, which is impeller-type or fountain-type aeration according to different conditions.

4. The suction type aerator adds air to the water through vacuum suction, and forms a vortex mixture with the water to push the water forward, so that the mixing force is strong. It has stronger oxygen-enhancing ability to the lower layer water than the impeller type aerator, and the oxygen-enhancing ability to the upper layer water is slightly lower than that of the impeller-type aerator.

5. Long arm aerator is a type that has developed with the development of the breeding industry. The basic purpose of designing it is to increase oxygen and to form a circulating pond water. Its oxygenation efficiency is very low.

6. The vortex aerator is mainly used for oxygenation in the underwater water body of the north, and has high oxygen-enhancing efficiency.

7. Aquaculture aerator is working process is to suck the silt at the bottom of the pool onto the water surface and spray it off, so that the organic matter in it can be oxidized and decomposed to eliminate oxygen debt. It can not add oxygen to the water itself, and after the start-up, the oxygen of the water is consumed along with the decomposition of the organic matter, but on a sunny day, the photosynthesis of the phytoplankton can greatly increase the oxygen storage level of the water.

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