Main features of water spray aerator

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Main features of water spray aerator

Update:23 Sep 2019

1. Easy to use: as long as the pump into the water, con […]

1. Easy to use: as long as the pump into the water, connected to the power supply, you can start pumping water, no need for machine, not afraid of rain, not restricted by suction, light weight, very convenient to move.

2. Energy saving: change the water lift head, no matter which size and model, the water inlet is far below the water surface 25-50cm, always in the best water absorption position, shortening the pipeline and no need to install the bottom valve, it can save electricity 10 -30%.

3. Long service life: the floating pump shaft seal is not affected by the sediment at the bottom of the water, there is no deep water pressure, it is impossible to get stuck in the mud, so the shaft seal has a long service life.

4. Increasing crop yield: The surface water inhaled by the dry-floating pump is higher than the water temperature at the bottom of the river, so it is conducive to the special growth of rice and other agricultural crops. Taking rice as an example, it can generally increase the yield of early rice by 5% compared with the control group.

The water spray aerator has a good oxygen-enhancing function, which can rapidly increase the dissolved oxygen content of the surface water body in a short time, and also has an artistic viewing effect, and is suitable for use in a garden or a tourist area fish pond.