Is it better to use a water cart type aerator or an impeller type aerator for fish ponds?

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Is it better to use a water cart type aerator or an impeller type aerator for fish ponds?

Update:18 Mar 2022

Fish farming is a common agricultural production, and i […]

Fish farming is a common agricultural production, and it is a good project to adjust the industrial structure in rural areas and increase farmers' income. However, in the production process of this project, there is a big risk, that is, the fish pond is prone to hypoxia. When the fish pond is deficient in oxygen, it will affect the growth of fish in the pond at light, and may cause serious consequences such as "pan-pond" in the fish pond. After the fish pond is in a state of hypoxia, it is more effective to use an "aerator" to artificially increase the oxygen in the fish pond.


The "impeller aerator", "waterwheel aerator" and "water jet aerator" mentioned by the subject, in fact, as long as their power is the same, their oxygenation effect is actually similar. Because their principle of adding oxygen to fish ponds is to agitate the water body, so that the contact area between the water body and the air increases, so that the oxygen in the air can dissolve more and effectively into the water body, and effectively volatilize the toxic substances in the water body. Harmful gases, etc., so as to solve the lack of oxygen in the fish in the water body.



In fact, these common aerators all have certain defects. For example, they are not suitable for fish ponds with too large an area and a deep water level; when the fish pond is severely hypoxic, the aerators are turned on to increase the effect of oxygen. It is not very obvious; it is prone to leakage accidents and so on. So what kind of oxygenation equipment is better to use when the fish pond is hypoxic?


Of course, no matter how good the artificial oxygenation facility or the oxygenation method is, it is not as good as keeping the water in the fish pond well, so that the water quality of the fish is kept high, that is, we often say that the water body is kept "fat, alive, tender and cool". This will not only make the fish in the fish pond richer in natural bait, but also not easily make the fish pond hypoxia. In order to maintain the water in the pond, it is necessary to maintain or control the fertility of the water body by fertilizing or planting aquatic plants. And by adding new water, replacing old water; or applying chemicals, biological regulators, etc.


In addition, in order to prevent the occurrence of hypoxia in fish ponds, the most important thing is to have a reasonable stocking density and a reasonable mix of species, especially the matching ratio of filter-feeding fish (silver carp and bighead carp). In a word, to solve the problem of hypoxia in the pond, the three aerators mentioned by the subject have similar aeration effects under the same power. Therefore, I personally think that in order to solve the problem of hypoxia in the pond, we can consider using the Qiantang aerator manufacturer and raising the water quality of the pond to solve it.