Introduction to the daily maintenance and maintenance of the aerator

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Introduction to the daily maintenance and maintenance of the aerator

Update:06 Aug 2021

The fish pond aerator is a type of positive displacemen […]

The fish pond aerator is a type of positive displacement fan. Two impellers rotate relative to each other in the space sealed by the shell and the wall panel. Because each impeller adopts the envelope of the involute or outer cycloid as the impeller processing profile. The three blades of each impeller are identical, and the two impellers are also identical, which can greatly reduce processing difficulties. The impeller is processed with numerical control equipment to ensure that the distance between the two impellers will not change. Next, no matter where the two impellers are rotated, they can maintain a small interval and do not touch each other during operation.


The gap between the impeller and the impeller, the impeller and the casing, the impeller and the wall plate is very small, so the air inlet forms a vacuum state, and the air enters the air inlet under the action of atmospheric pressure. Then, the two blades, wall plates and shell of each impeller form a sealed cavity, and the air at the air inlet is continuously transported from the air inlet to the air outlet by the two blades while the impeller rotates.



Simply put, the pond aerator relies on a pair of impellers to force gas from one end to the other to achieve the purpose of tuyere. The following is what needs to be reviewed and maintained in the daily maintenance process?


1. Cooling: When the fan is running at full load during the high temperature period, it is easy for the entire machine to overheat, increase the failure rate, and decrease the airflow. For this reason, we plan to make simple water equipment by ourselves. From above, one-sided heat is taken away through the surface of the fan shell to achieve the cooling intention, so that the fan can safely survive the high temperature season. This device is very simple, only open during the hot season every year.

2. Air cleaning and regular inspection: In terms of air cleaning, sponge is used as a filter, cleaned up in time, and coordinated with the cleaning in the blower to meet the cleaning requirements and production requirements of the blower. The rule is to inspect once an hour, look, listen, touch, and check whether the outlet temperature, pressure and ammeter indicate overspending.

3. Add lubricating oil to the gear part: put butter on one side of the fuselage of a single oil tank and lubricating oil (N220 load gear oil) on one side. If you use a machine with double oil tanks, put lubricating oil on both sides. . Maintenance is relatively simple.