Introduction to aquaculture aerator

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Introduction to aquaculture aerator

Update:14 Mar 2020

Oxygenator is an effective method to increase the amoun […]

Oxygenator is an effective method to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen. In addition to increasing oxygen, it can also promote water circulation and prevent temperature stratification, chemical stratification, and oxygen stratification of water bodies. At the same time, the aerator must be operated deep in the pond, in order to improve the soil quality at the bottom of the pond, aeration the bottom soil and avoid the generation of toxic gases, so as to effectively prevent the possibility of illness and death of aquatic animals.

An aerator is a device that drives working parts by a power source such as an electric motor or a diesel engine to quickly transfer the "oxygen" in the air to the aquaculture water body. It can comprehensively utilize physical, chemical, and biological functions, and can not only solve pond aquaculture The problem of fish floating head due to lack of oxygen can eliminate harmful gases, promote water convection exchange, improve water quality conditions, reduce feed coefficient, increase fish pond activity and primary productivity, which can increase stocking density and increase the feeding intensity of breeding objects. , Promote growth, greatly increase the yield per mu, and fully achieve the purpose of increasing income from breeding.