Introduction of impeller aerator

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Introduction of impeller aerator

Update:24 Oct 2020

1. Main structure:   The main components of the im […]

1. Main structure:


The main components of the impeller aerator are composed of a motor, a reduction box, an impeller, a support rod, a floating ball and a motor cover. The float ball is changed from an iron float bucket to a plastic float ball, which reduces the weight of the whole machine. The gear of the reduction box is made of high-quality alloy steel, which improves the service life of the reduction box. On the basis of the iron impeller, a plastic impeller is added. The cone and blades of the impeller are extruded at one time. The spokes are connected and fixed by stainless steel bolts, and the structure is reasonable. The impeller aerator can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, improve the living conditions of fish, increase the breeding density, and accelerate the growth of fish. It is an essential machine for high-yield fish ponds.



2. Working principle:


The impeller aerator has the functions of stirring water, aeration, mixing and aeration. These functions are performed simultaneously while the machine is running. After starting up, the impeller sucks up the oxygen-poor water at its lower part, and then pushes it out around, turning the dead water into living water.


The water under the impeller is strongly agitated by the blades and pipes, causing water leaps and waves on the water surface to form a water curtain that can envelop the air, which not only enlarges the surface area of ​​the gas-liquid interface, but also thins the double membrane between the gas and liquid. And it is constantly updated to promote the dissolution rate of oxygen in the air.


When stirring, the original harmful gases in the water, such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane, sulfur dioxide, etc., are desorbed from the water through aeration and discharged into the air. Since the impeller is rotating, negative pressure is formed at the rear of the water stirring pipe, so that air can be sucked into the water through the water stirring pipe, and it is immediately stirred into microbubbles into the impeller pressure zone, so it is also helpful to increase the dissolution rate of oxygen in the air. Improve oxygen efficiency.


Because the lower layer water is constantly being lifted and mixed with the surface water, the surface water is constantly renewed, and the surface water is constantly replenished to the lower layer due to gravity. This function of the impeller aerator is excellent, because it not only helps to break the vertical uniformity of dissolved oxygen in the pool water, but also can give full play to the biological aeration effect.


3. Product advantages:


(1) The motor has a built-in protector, which will trip automatically when the three-phase power supply is out of phase or the motor is overheated to avoid accidental burning of the motor.


(2) The gear is made of chromium-manganese-titanium alloy steel, and the tooth surface is carbonitrided, which greatly extends the service life.


(3) The use of patented technology Wuhan connected assembled impeller, stable operation, no eccentricity, and convenient transportation.


(4) According to different use environments and the special requirements of users, engineering plastic impellers and stainless steel impellers have been developed to ensure long-term use in sea water or corrosive industrial wastewater without frequent impeller replacement or painting.