Introduce several fish pond aerators

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Introduce several fish pond aerators

Update:10 Nov 2020

The depth of the water in the fish pond is different, t […]

The depth of the water in the fish pond is different, the density of fish breeding is different, and the aerators that need to be equipped are also different. In order to achieve the purpose of high yield and high efficiency, the current aerator accessories manufacturers introduce several fish pond aerators for farmers to purchase according to actual needs.


1. Inflatable aerator

The host is an air compressor or blower. When the air is pressurized and passes through the sand filter or microporous plastic tube installed at the bottom, tiny bubbles are discharged, and the water body moves when the bubbles rise, and a part of the oxygen is dissolved in the water to achieve the purpose of oxygenation. This machine is suitable for deep-water fish ponds.


2. Jet aerator

This aerator is composed of a submersible pump and a jet tube. When working, the water in the water pump is ejected from the nozzle in the jet tube at a high speed, generating negative pressure to suck in air. The water and air are mixed in the mixing chamber, and then pressed out by the diffuser, the dissolved oxygen will diffuse with the water flow in a straight direction. Since this aerator has no rotating machinery underwater, it will not harm the fish body, and is very suitable for deep-water fish ponds with high fish breeding density.


3. Water jet aerator

The machine uses a water pump to send water into the sprinklers installed in the middle of the fish pond and on the shore, so that the water sprays out and falls in the form of rain, so that the water is in contact with the air to increase the dissolved oxygen. This machine is only suitable for small fish ponds with shallow water.



4. Waterwheel type aerator

When the machine is working, the blades hit the water at high speed and stir the air into the water to achieve the purpose of oxygenation. This kind of aerator is suitable for shallow ponds, it will not disturb the bottom mud and can keep the pool water fresh.


5. Impeller aerator

The machine increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water through the principle of agitating the water body and aeration, with good aeration effect and high power efficiency. There are many models according to the power of the motor. When in use, the whole machine floats in the center of the pond and is fastened to the edge of the pond with ropes. When working, the impeller rotates and stirs the water body, producing the effect of lifting water and pushing the water body to mix, causing convection up and down the water layer, and the dissolved oxygen in the entire water body tends to be balanced. Generally, the depth of the pool is 1.5-2 meters.