How to use the aerator for better effect

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How to use the aerator for better effect

Update:08 Aug 2022

Aerator is a device that drives working parts through a […]

Aerator is a device that drives working parts through a power source such as an electric motor or a diesel engine, so that the "oxygen" in the air is quickly transferred to the aquaculture water. It can comprehensively utilize physical, chemical and biological functions.


It solves the problem of fish floating heads caused by lack of oxygen in pond culture, and can eliminate harmful gases, promote water convective exchange, improve water quality conditions, reduce feed coefficient, increase fish pond activity and primary productivity, thereby increasing stocking density and increasing breeding objects. The feeding intensity is increased, the growth is promoted, the yield per mu is greatly increased, and the purpose of increasing the breeding income is fully achieved.


How to use the aerator for better effect?
Reasonably determine the startup and operation time of the aerator
1. According to the inter-restrictive relationship between various factors in the pond ecosystem and production practice experience, the most suitable start-up and operation time can be taken: open at noon on sunny days, open in the early morning on cloudy days, open in the middle of the night with continuous rainy days, closed in the evening, and early in the morning when floating. Open, the main growing season of fish insists on opening every day;

2. After a large amount of organic fertilizer is applied, the high peak value of dissolved oxygen in the pond decreases. The combination of starting at noon and early morning on a sunny day can be used to improve the dissolved oxygen condition of the pond.

3. In the main growing season of fish, special attention should be paid to thunderstorms in the evening, and the atmosphere with low air pressure and no wind at night should consider turning on the machine as soon as possible to prevent the occurrence of "pan-pond" accidents.


Correctly choose the type and installation location of the aerator
1. The aerator should be placed in the center of the working water surface or slightly upwind. Use ropes and wires to fasten or anchor or insert rods to prevent them from moving around and winding wires during work.

2. There are many types of aerators, commonly used are impeller type aerators, waterwheel type aerators, jet type aerators, inflatable aerators, etc.

3. The working water depth of the aerator must be more than 2 times the diameter of the impeller, so as to prevent the impeller from working up, the sludge will appear and the water quality will be deteriorated.


Correct use and maintenance of aerators
1. The starting voltage of the aerator is in the range of 312-390V, and the three-phase four-wire cable is used. A spring washer should be added under the motor wiring nut to prevent vibration and disconnection, so as to ensure safety.

2. The load surface of the aerator depends on the kinetic energy.

3. Every winter, the whole machine should be rusted and repainted for maintenance once. Usually, care should be taken to remove the moss and algae debris on the impeller and stomata to ensure that the design parameters of the impeller remain unchanged and the working condition is often maintained.

4. The continuous operation time of the aerator should not exceed 12h, and you should always pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound and abnormal impact or vibration. Pay attention to the motor and observe the buoyancy of the buoy to prevent water leakage and sinking.


Pond Farming Water Aerator

Product introduction:

Motor: 1hp 3phase/1phase 50hz/60hz 4spline chinese type 100% copper wire
Reducer: Bevel gear type Gear:Chromium-maganese-titanium
Impellers: we have different design, new materail HDPE with UV protecting
Float: new materail HDPE with UV protecting
Frame: 304 stainless steel
Shaft: 304 stainless steel

Model Power Voltage V/50Hz Power efficiency (kg/kW.h)   DO (kg/hr) AMP (A) Weight (kg) 40 Container set
YC-0.75 0.75 1 220 ≥1.25 ≥1.6 1.25 80 185
YC-0.75 0.75 1 380 ≥1.25 ≥1.6 1.25 80 185
YC-0.75 0.75 1 380 ≥1.25 2.3~2.6 1.60 80 185
YC-1.5 1.5 2 220 ≥1.25 2.6~2.9 2.45 100 133
YC-1.5 1.5 2 380 ≥1.25 2.8~3.1 2.45 100 133
YC-1.5 1.5 3 380 ≥1.5 3.6~3.8 2.60 120 66
YC-2.2 2.2 3 380 ≥1.5 4.0~4.3 2.80 125 63
YC-2.2 2.2 3 380 ≥1.5 4.3~4.6 3.0 135 60