How to use fish pond aerator to reduce cost of sea cucumber

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How to use fish pond aerator to reduce cost of sea cucumber

Update:09 Jan 2021

⑴ 15-20 acres, relatively simple earth pond or cement p […]

⑴ 15-20 acres, relatively simple earth pond or cement pond with a small slope, preferably with a reservoir. The area of ​​15-20 acres of water is relatively moderate and stable, and it is also convenient to manage, with strong controllability and low risk.


⑵The attachment base is high and dense. High is to reduce risk; dense is to increase production. Increase the height of the attachment base. When there are problems at the bottom of the pond (such as hypoxia, excessive accumulation of ammonia nitrogen, etc.), the sea cucumbers can move upwards, thereby reducing losses and reducing the risk of breeding; increasing the density of the attachment base is equivalent to increasing the pond The area of ​​the bottom is convenient to increase the amount of seedlings appropriately.


⑶ The amount of seedlings is relatively large and the number of seedlings is appropriate. Reduce the amount of water exchange, pay attention to the survival rate of the seedlings after the water is cultivated, the seedlings will greatly reduce the cost of raising ginseng. Start using "Fit Water Peptide" fertilizer about 20 days before the seedlings are released, use "Activate" 5 hours before the seedlings are released, and then the survival rate of the seedlings will increase a lot at around 2 pm.


⑷The water level in the growing season is low and the amount of water change is small (or even no water change). Low water level and good light conditions are conducive to the growth of planktonic algae in the water, as well as convection between surface water and bottom water. The dissolved oxygen in the bottom layer is relatively high, and it is also conducive to the volatilization of harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in the water. The water change is small, the water is easy to be stable, the incidence of sea cucumbers is small, and the growth is fast. Frequent application of "Bishuian" and "EM6" in the water body helps to keep the water body stable.


⑸The pond water is dark brown. The dark brown water is dominated by diatoms. On the one hand, it is conducive to the feeding of sea cucumbers. On the other hand, the color of this water is relatively stable, with strong self-purification ability and not easy to change. And shading in summer and heat preservation in winter are better. Placing wheel aerators on the diagonal of the pond facilitates the directional cultivation of diatoms.

⑹ There are many aerators and various aeration methods. After reducing the water change, part of the money for the water change will go to aeration. The sufficient number of aerators is an important guarantee for the high yield and high yield of sea cucumbers. Due to the different tendency of different types of aerators, we recommend a variety of aerators to be used together (such as bottom inflatable type, perturbation type, impeller type, wheel type).


⑺ Feed pellets and pay attention to small and frequent meals, and pay attention to domestication. Pellets are the general direction of feeding bait for sea cucumber pond culture in the next step. It not only has a high utilization rate, but also pollutes water and sediments much lighter than powdered materials. Mixing "Li Duo Jing" and "Oligosaccharide 500" in the feed can effectively reduce the feed coefficient, reduce water pollution, and reduce feed costs.


⑻ Change the bottom diligently. Frequent use of some cyanolytic or associative primers (mostly small-package slow-release, such as "Dijuan" or "Fudian II") is beneficial to increase the potential of the bottom of the pool and prevent odorous bottom. At the same time, this type of primer also helps the growth of planktonic algae in the water. Do not use some flocculants or strong oxidants.


⑼Conditions can choose to build a greenhouse. Choosing large sheds for ponds where conditions permit can significantly enhance the controllability of the ponds and help reduce the risk of breeding.


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