How to quickly solve the lack of oxygen in water?

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How to quickly solve the lack of oxygen in water?

Update:13 Sep 2022

Let us share with you that when fish fry lack oxygen in […]

Let us share with you that when fish fry lack oxygen in the fish pond, it is mainly reflected in the large fish floating to the surface of the water body and the upper end of the water level! If you want to effectively solve this problem, it is recommended that users use the bottom microporous oxygenation technology to increase the fusion of water and air by inputting air from the bottom to increase the oxygen content in the water! Fundamentally solve the hypoxia of the fry, and at the same time, the effect is very fast. Instantly solve this fundamental hypoxia problem!


Users and customers can choose different types and sizes of aerators according to their own breeding area and breeding density! If the user is inexperienced in selecting the model, you can contact us! We have been focusing on aquaculture for more than fifteen years, with rich experience and mature technology! It can help users solve the problem of hypoxia in aquaculture such as fry, shrimp and crab! At the same time, the advantage of oxygenation is to increase the breeding density, which is very practical for users! More and more customers are using microporous oxygenation technology



The manufacturer of the aeration aerator guides the installation of the aeration plate. Many users do not know how to install the microporous aeration in the aquaculture of aquatic products. It is convenient to solve the user's installation concerns before use. Generally, the installation is very simple. All the user needs to do is the connection between the aerators, which is not very technically difficult.


An oxygenation system mainly includes several important parts, such as blower part, aeration pan, hose, joint fittings, PVC main pipe, etc. In the table, the PVC main pipe is bonded by glue, so the operation on the connection is relatively simple. ! As for the part of the aeration plate, the general merchants purchase finished products, and the manufacturer has already wound the nanotubes, and the user can directly connect the hose after receiving it. For the connector accessories used in the installation, you can consult the manufacturer, because there are many types of connector accessories, the user needs to choose the one that suits him! Generally used are 50 three-way integrated valve 10mm and 63 three-way integrated valve 10mm, such a joint!