How to quickly solve the fundamental problem when encountering hypoxia in fish ponds!

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How to quickly solve the fundamental problem when encountering hypoxia in fish ponds!

Update:07 Jun 2022

Some people ask why the weather is sunny and sunny, but […]

Some people ask why the weather is sunny and sunny, but there is also a lack of oxygen?

Because in the natural state, the content of dissolved oxygen is inversely proportional to the temperature, that is to say, when the water temperature rises, the dissolved oxygen is not higher when the sun is more abundant, but it actually decreases.

The following are the saturated dissolved oxygen values ​​at various temperatures, and it can be seen that the temperature is inversely proportional to the dissolved oxygen.

Just like the picture below, a curve sliding from the upper left to the lower right, the horizontal line represents the water temperature, and the vertical line represents the dissolved oxygen value. The higher the temperature, the lower the dissolved oxygen. Therefore, it is easy to cause hypoxia.

As we all know, the consequences of hypoxia are the loss of dead fish in severe cases, and in the light of cases, the circulating water tank runway aquaculture project is hypoxic and floats its head once, without food for three days, and no meat growth for six days!


Three reasons for the lack of oxygen floating head
1. Floating head caused by lack of oxygen in water
It usually occurs in the high temperature season, and it is more common in the middle of the night and in the early morning, mainly due to the lack of dissolved oxygen in the pond water.

As we all know, there are a lot of algae in the pond. When the water temperature rises when the sun comes out, the algae are performing photosynthesis, producing more oxygen to dissolve into the water, and the dissolved oxygen in the water will naturally rise.

Therefore, what we see under normal circumstances is that the water temperature of the pond rises, and the dissolved oxygen also rises. However, when the sun sets, the water temperature in the pond drops, and the dissolved oxygen also drops. Because photosynthesis is weakened, no new oxygen is produced, but the consumption of algae, organic matter, and fish in the water has not stopped. "Dead fish.



2. Floating head caused by ammonia nitrogen poisoning or hydrogen sulfide poisoning
Occurs mostly in spring, late autumn and winter, when the afternoon is sunny and the temperature is high, and occasionally in summer.

The relationship between air temperature and water temperature: the change of air temperature is faster than that of water temperature. On sunny days, the temperature of the upper water layer is higher than that of the middle and lower layers, and the temperature and dissolved oxygen are inversely proportional. The higher the surface water temperature, the lighter the water. Oxygen machine, water will not sink naturally. However, when the temperature changes, the temperature drops or it rains suddenly, the upper and lower water layers will be exchanged, and the anaerobic water below will come up, especially in ponds with poor bottom quality, this time is very dangerous, "lack of oxygen" Dead fish are inevitable.


3. Floating head caused by gill disease
The diseased fish are black in color, slow in action, and unresponsive. In the case of hypoxia in the pool, the diseased fish first floats their heads and gathers next to the aerator. It is the floating head fish that is only part of the fish in the pond, not all.


Preventive measures for fish anoxic floating head
In breeding, it is recommended to:
The aerator is always on when the weather is fine
Second, reduce the amount of feeding
Three commonly used potassium hydrogen persulfate to change the bottom
Four installation of Yuerle equipment
Five Ready Oxygenation and Anti-Stress Products
Regularly use Taiyuan's compound potassium hydrogen persulfate commonly used bottom correction series products to improve bottom, detoxify and repair microecology.


The unique formula makes the product undergo a chain reaction in water, stimulates new ecological oxygen and new ecological hypochlorous acid, and generates sulfuric acid radicals and hydroxyl radicals with redox potentials as high as 2.5-3.1 V and 2.8 V respectively, which can directly The macromolecular organic matter at the bottom is degraded into short-chain small molecular organic matter, which improves the efficiency of organic matter decomposition by microorganisms at the bottom; at the same time, it can also maintain a high redox potential at the bottom, promote the equilibrium of the bacterial phase at the bottom, and thus promote the decomposition of organic matter at the bottom.

Regular use can keep the hardened and blackened bottom in a loose and healthy state for a long time, and achieve a healthy breeding mode with good bottom and good water.

On cloudy days, dissolved oxygen at 6pm is key. 24-hour online monitoring equipment, if the dissolved oxygen is greater than 5mg/L at 6:00, pay attention to the dissolved oxygen at night. If it is below 5mg/L at 6:00, you must use oxygenation + anti-stress products + "Zhang Sufang" sprinkle ginger at night , keep the dissolved oxygen in the water.

Aquatic people must pay attention to checking the weather forecast and take precautions in advance. In fact, for a period of time before the floating head appeared, the fish was already deprived of oxygen, and it was only when they couldn't stand it that they surfaced. Even if he survives a hypoxia, he will only eat for three days.