How to properly use aerators in aquaculture ponds

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How to properly use aerators in aquaculture ponds

Update:25 Feb 2022

At present, aquaculture experts and aquaculture technic […]

At present, aquaculture experts and aquaculture technicians at home and abroad have reached a consensus, which is to build a pollution-free and healthy breeding system by cultivating healthy seedlings, comprehensively regulating the breeding environment, feeding high-efficiency and high-quality feeds, and scientifically preventing and controlling diseases. It mainly promotes shrimp and crab farming. Its farming technology is constantly being improved and updated. The farming model has been developed from semi-intensive farming to intensive farming. On the basis of the intensive farming mode, oxygen aerators are indispensable. The use of aerators in high temperature in summer.


After rational use of aerators, it has the following functions in production: make full use of water bodies; prevent floating heads; rescue floating heads and prevent flooding; accelerate pond material circulation; stabilize water quality; Thereby increasing yield; is conducive to the prevention and control of fish diseases and so on. According to the test, under similar conditions, the net production of the ponds with aerators increased by about 14% compared with the control ponds without aerators.


Main types of aerators
1. Impeller aerator
2. Waterwheel aerator
3. Jet aerator
4. Propeller aerator
5. Water spray aerator
6. Microporous aerator
7. Inhalation aerator
8. Eddy flow aerator
9. Oxygen pump
10. Mobile solar aerator

At noon on a sunny day during high temperature in summer, especially in fertile ponds with rich phytoplankton, the aerator should be turned on for 2-3 hours, because on sunny days with high temperature, the photosynthesis of phytoplankton is particularly strong, releasing a large amount of water into the water body. oxygen. However, in aquaculture ponds with higher water quality, the transparency of the water body is 20-30 cm deep, and the photosynthesis is weak in the middle layer of the water body because there is no light. The aerator has the function of lifting the water upward, and can form a vertical circulation of the aquaculture pond when it is turned on.



In the daytime, the sunlight is strong and the temperature is high. In the evening, there is a sudden thunderstorm. A large amount of rainwater with low temperature enters the breeding pond, causing the surface water temperature to drop sharply and the specific gravity to sink rapidly. The higher amount of water is transferred to the lower layer, which temporarily increases the dissolved oxygen in the lower layer, but it is quickly consumed, so that the dissolved oxygen in the entire pond decreases rapidly, which is easy to cause fish to float, and the aerator should be turned on in time. Another special note: it is generally not suitable to turn on the impeller aerator in the evening, because the photosynthesis of phytoplankton will stop at this time, and oxygen cannot be added to the water. When it is replenished, the dissolved oxygen in the lower layer is quickly consumed, and as a result, the rate of dissolved oxygen consumption in the entire aquaculture pond is accelerated.


If there is continuous rain in summer, the photosynthesis of phytoplankton is weak, and the dissolved oxygen supply in the water is low, resulting in insufficient dissolved oxygen, which is easy to cause fish to float, and more aerators should be turned on.


It has been sunny for a long time and the water temperature of the breeding pond is high. Due to the large amount of feeding and the large amount of aquatic products excreted, the water quality is excessively fertilized, the transparency is poor, the water is rich in organic matter, the upper and lower layers of dissolved oxygen have a large crossover, and the lower layer "oxygen debt" is large. If you do not add new water for a long time, it will cause the water quality to deteriorate and cause the floating head of aquatic products to lack oxygen. At this time, more aerators should be turned on.


In summer, aquaculture ponds are often caused by lack of oxygen due to overcrowding of aquatic products and oxygen consumption by other organisms, causing partial or whole pond aquatic products to float. Therefore, it is good to turn on the aerator at 1-2 o'clock at night, and stop the machine after the sun comes out at 7-8 o'clock the next morning, so that the phytoplankton can smoothly perform photosynthesis and oxygen generation, and the aquatic products will not be suspended until the head is not floating.


Turn on the impeller type aerator 1-2 hours before and after feeding the feed. The impeller type aerator stirs the water body of the breeding pond to form a circulating flow of the water body. On the other hand, it can also make aquatic products form the conditioned reflex habit of eating.