How to properly apply an impeller oxygenated equipment

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How to properly apply an impeller oxygenated equipment

Update:30 Sep 2021

Correctly use a fish pond oxygenation equipment, not on […]

Correctly use a fish pond oxygenation equipment, not only can it significantly reduce the cost of use of oxygenation equipment, but also effectively improve the water quality of the fish pool, reduce or prevent the occurrence of fish. At the same time, it can also reduce the bait coefficient of the fish and improve the farming profit. Recently, in some fishing fields, because many fishing houses do not know how to increase oxygen oxygen, there have been some incorrect use, not only do not reach the effect of oxygen, but causing the serious consequences of fish pool hypoxia.


The oxygenating equipment is typically started in two time periods, with a completely different principle and use effect.


1. Start it around at night before hypoxia, you can make the fish over the night lack of oxygen, and play the effect of saving the fish.


2. start the water-soluble oxygen in the afternoon in sunny day, start the surface of the surface of the water-rich pool to the bottom of the pool, so that the bottom organic (including feces, bait, biological body, etc.) can be decomposed in advance to prevent night decomposition. Causes hypoxia.


The oxygenation principle of the former is mechanical oxygen, i.e. the impeller is stirred, and the oxygen in the air and the upper surface of the upper surface is dissolved in the entire water; the latter is bioethic. Oxygen. Most of the oxygen in the fish pond derived from the oxygen generated by the phytoplankom photosynthesis, the photosynthesis of the plankton can be produced under the conditions of sunshine, the stronger the light, the more oxygen generated. Therefore, we must use no in the afternoon direct sunlight, the photosynthesis is most intense, and the oxygen-rich pool water is stirred into the bottom of the pool. The microporous agents will decompose the organic matter in advance to prevent organic matter to prevent oxygen at night. Decompose to produce harmful substances (including ammonia, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, methane, etc.).


Some farmers do not understand the oxygenation principle of the oxygen generator, causing misuse. The main phenomenon has the following points:

First, do not boot during the day, boot at night. Many farmers think that the day fish pond does not have hypoxia, do not need to boot, they only recognize the role of mechanical oxygen, ignore the most important organisms. The use of good organisms can often save a lot of cost due to great reduction of the time of opening an oxygen generator. For example, if the oxygen at noon at sunny is 1 ~ 3 hours, it can reduce a few hours of night, or even more than ten hours, this boot method is generally 100 ~ 500 yuan per mu.

Second, the rainy day is oxygenating the oxygen generation during the day. Many farmers think that the rain is insufficient, and the oxygen generator should be opened. In fact, this is a very wrong boot method. The correct way is that the rainy day is forbidden during the day, because the rainy days are poor, but the oxygen effect is much better than the mechanical oxygen. This lot of oxygen should be stored in the surface of the fish pond, let the fish are used at night. If the rainy day is turned on during the day, only one dot oxygen is agitated to the bottom of the pool and is used for organic matter. The water dissolving oxygen in the night pool is not enough to supplement, it is easy to cause hypoxia.


Third, the oxygen generator is opened after 4 o'clock in the morning and 4 pm. Some sunny morning also open oxygen generators, think that this can increase oxygen, in fact, this is also a wrong boot method. Because the mechanical oxygen efficiency of the oxygenation equipment is much lower than the role of biohane oxygen, as long as the fish leave the oxygen plane in the morning, it should stop immediately. Some farmers think that the fishch stock has a large stasive density, the water quality is not good, and there is no black, and there is no oxygen plane. In fact, as long as the fish pond does not need to turn on, as long as the fish pond is not approaching, it is not necessary to turn on, because the opportunity to turn off the surface of the pool and accelerate the oxygen in the night.


Fourth, the wind does not boot at sunny day. Some farmers think that there is a role of oxygen, and you can not boot at noon at noon. In fact, this is not completely accurate. The wind is oxygen action, but the convection caused by the pool water is not strong. The oxygenated water of the surface layer is difficult to flow to the bottom of the pool. When suddenly cooling, the decline in surface water temperature can make the surface pool water effectively to the pool. Therefore, in addition to this situation, it should be turned on whether there is a wind in the afternoon.


Five, the fish pond does not float in the first half of the year. Many farmers think that there is low water in 4 to June, small fish, and no floats can not boot. In fact, as long as the fish eat a lot of food, a large amount of defecation, the water quality is fat, and it should be turned on at noon at noon. This can delay the season of the fish float and reduce the extent of the float. At the same time, the pool water can be enrolled in advance and can delay the deterioration of water quality.


In short, the correct boot method is: starting 1 ~ 3 hours at noon at noon 1 ~ 3 acres, about 2 hours or so, 10 acres is turned on for about 3 hours); 1 hour before the normal hypoxia time in the evening When the left and right boots to the fish, they will stop when leaving the oxygen generator.


Special attention: there is no sun during rainy days without boot during the day; the fish pool does not have an oxygen; the first half of the year does not start before eating and water quality, the fish group does not leave the oxygenator, the sun is coming out. After the latter leaves the oxygen, it should be stopped immediately; after sunny medicine, it should be turned on; if the fertilizer does not boot during the day.


Correct use of oxygenating equipment is an important guarantee for improving the comprehensive benefits of fish.