How to open aerators scientifically in continuous rainy days?

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How to open aerators scientifically in continuous rainy days?

Update:20 Aug 2021

It has been rainy and rainy since the summer, and many […]

It has been rainy and rainy since the summer, and many fish farmers can't figure out how to use the aerator scientifically and reasonably. The correct operation of the aerator is very important for aquaculture, and it must be observed.

Many fish farmers have only one type of aerator installed in their ponds-impeller type aerators. This is a very common phenomenon. In fact, in scientific farming, three types of aerators should be installed in the ponds (I have to declare that I I do not engage in the business of aerators trading, so I never intend to advertise for aerators, please be aware), and the use of these three aerators in conjunction with each other (or individually) is extremely beneficial for increasing the production of aquaculture.

But I found that many fish farmers only want to open the aerator unless they have to do it, and the fish need to pan the pond. Usually, they can’t open it in order to save electricity. In fact, this is very undesirable because there is sufficient dissolved oxygen in the pond. , It is very important to the health and growth of the fish, and the stirring of the aerator can also promote the convection up and down of the water layer.


Next, let’s talk about the usefulness and opening method of the three aerators:

1. Waterwheel type aerator
This kind of aerator should be installed near the bait feeding machine. Turn on this kind of aerator before and after each feeding, which can alleviate the acute hypoxia that occurs when the fish is eating. This is also beneficial to the liver and gallbladder of the fish. Benefits, reduce the burden of liver and gallbladder, and then reduce the feed coefficient, because the process of eating and digesting feed is oxygen-consuming exercise;

2. Impeller type aerator
The stirring of this aerator can well break the swimming layer of the water body, make the water body convection up and down, and allow the upper water layer with sufficient dissolved oxygen to flow to the lower layer, which can also well alleviate the phenomenon of high ammonia nitrogen and sub-salt. Play a role in water transfer, this kind of aerator is especially best when it is turned on in the early morning of the high temperature season and noon on a sunny day;

3. Microporous aerator
This kind of aerator itself can produce oxygen, which can well alleviate the lack of dissolved oxygen in the water body. It can be turned on at any time. It can be said that it is a necessary aerator for fish ponds. The only disadvantage is that it will be turned on when the water is easily muddy The surge of water becomes more turbid, of course, this problem can be appropriately solved by increasing the distance between the bottom of the chassis and the bottom of the pond.

Of course, there are water spray type (suitable for Miao pond use), surge type aerators, etc., but I still believe that the above three types of aerators are the best choice.

Finally, let’s talk about how to turn on the aerator in a scientific and reasonable way. We all know that there are four open and four non-open aerators (some three open and two cannot open). The so-called "four open and four non-open", as the name suggests is:

Four boot times
1. Open at noon on a sunny day. The main purpose is to break the water layer and make the water flow up and down. The opening time can be adjusted according to the hot and cold temperature, the size of the wind, the height of the breeding density, etc. The opening time is hot, the wind is small, and the density is high. Properly stretch, about 3 hours;

2. The cloudy day opens in the early morning of the next day, four or five o'clock in the morning is the time period when the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is the lowest, not to mention the cloudy day the previous day;

3. The rainy season keeps on opening in the middle of the night, because the photosynthesis of phytoplankton is weak during the day, and the dissolved oxygen in the water body cannot support the night.

4. Open at any time in emergency.


Four non-booting time
1. Do not open in the evening, the dissolved oxygen in the water in the evening itself is the highest in a day, so there is no need to open it;

2. Do not open during the day when the rain is continuous. The photosynthesis of the algae in the water body is very weak in the weather itself, and the dissolved oxygen on the surface of the water body is not saturated. More and more hypoxia;

3. Do not open after sunrise. As the name suggests, the algae in the water body can produce oxygen by photosynthesis after sunrise;

4. Do not turn on the aerator if there is a problem with the wiring, or if the aerator has not been maintained or repaired for a long time, it is rusty, etc., so as to avoid burning the wiring and motor. It should be turned on after passing the inspection.