How to install the surge aerator?

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How to install the surge aerator?

Update:02 Sep 2021

Surge aerator is a new product in current aquaculture a […]

Surge aerator is a new product in current aquaculture aeration equipment. Its design has the advantage of power saving. The principle of aeration is different from the impeller type and the water wheel type. The unique flower-shaped spiral impeller combined with the ring buoy can make the output water spray upwards and make the water in a certain area boil, thereby improving the contact between the water body and the air during the spraying process, and increasing the dissolved oxygen content of the water body.


Reasonable utilization can effectively increase the dissolved oxygen in the pool water, accelerate the circulation of ponds and water bodies, weaken or eliminate harmful substances, and promote the reproduction of plankton. It has a very good role in preventing and reducing fish floating heads, preventing flooding in the pond, improving ponds, water quality, increasing fish feeding and increasing production. Let's take a look at how to install it!

1. Before installation: Before installation, determine the installation location and prepare the pile and rope.
2. Pile requirements
(1) Select a certain strength pile according to the depth of the aquaculture water surface.
(2) The pile is triangular, the distance between the pile and the column is 3-5 meters, and the soil depth is 0.8-1 meters.
(3) The pile must be firm, and it is advisable to not move it by hand.
(4) Clean up all weeds and other entangled items within the scope of the piles.
3. Rope requirements
(1) The rope adopts nylon rope with a diameter of 6 mm or more or better to prevent the rope from breaking and damaging the surge type aerator over time.
(2) The rope should be fastened and not loose, but not too tight, preferably 10-15 cm from the surface of the water.
4. Line requirements
(1) Use high-quality cables of more than 1.5 square meters for 1.5 kilowatts, and use cables of more than 1.0 square meters for 0.75 kilowatts. Only one cable can be used for one cable, and two or more than two can never be connected in series at the same time.
(2) One switch is installed for each unit. The switch cannot connect multiple units in parallel or in series.


The above is about the installation method of surge aerator, hope you can learn more.