How to improve the sewage capacity of the submersible mixer?

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How to improve the sewage capacity of the submersible mixer?

Update:11 Mar 2022

For submersible mixers, the more important thing is the […]

For submersible mixers, the more important thing is the mixing ability of the equipment, and the final decision of the mixing ability of the equipment is the overall sewage treatment ability of the product.


The formation of mixing equipment is all for the mixing of substances and the subsequent filtering effect to have a necessary buffering effect. When it comes to this type of mixer, aerator manufacturers feel that the current submersible mixer is a more typical equipment. The key effect of the submersible mixer is that in the pool, the material is mixed and stirred, so that the material is not easy to settle out.



This kind of stirring is still very necessary for the post-processing process of sewage treatment, and it is an expression of improving filtration and sewage treatment. At this stage, there are many main uses of this type of submersible mixer, and with the discharge of industrial production and daily sewage, the submersible mixer fully plays an increasingly critical role in industrial wastewater treatment.


Secondly, check the oil condition according to the disassembly and installation of the oil screw. The inspection of the oil condition can determine whether there is leakage. Prepare the drip screw for tightness. Because the oil and water are separated, drain the liquid first to indicate that there will be leakage, and tap the screw until the oil is drained neatly. Assuming that the amount of oil leakage is less than 0.1ml/h, the machine seal belongs to everything is normal.


Introduce new oil into the oil chamber first; assuming that the oil leakage exceeds 0.1ml/h, drip oil again; after the submersible mixer has been running for seven days, check the oil condition again; assuming that the oil leakage still exceeds 0.1ml/h, it will be mechanical equipment The sealing ring is damaged; the other is to check whether the oil plug is tight enough. If there is leakage, the motor stator chamber will be stressed and cover the screw with a piece of cloth to prevent oil from splashing out. The machine equipment facilitates the outflow of the liquid in the stator chamber of the motor.