How to choose aquaculture equipment

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How to choose aquaculture equipment

Update:26 Oct 2019

How to improve aquaculture water by equipment In recent […]

How to improve aquaculture water by equipment
In recent years, due to the deteriorating water quality, the demand for aquatic products has been increasing, and more and more people are engaged in aquaculture or expanding the scale, so the use of aquaculture equipment is also increasing. As long as there is demand, there will be some people to produce, there are many kinds of equipment used in the aquaculture market, the price is not much different, the quality is uneven. Here to discuss with you how to choose aquaculture equipment, but also to give some advice to friends, try to find a better reputation of the manufacturers, sales are guaranteed, it is best to go to the factory to visit.

The role of ultraviolet sterilizers in aquaculture
Ultraviolet sterilizer This equipment is a very common one, but the price difference is also large, mainly due to factors such as materials, lamps, ballasts and so on. The material is basically stainless steel and PVC plastic, but from the perspective of aquaculture, it is recommended to use PVC plastic, the reason is resistant to seawater corrosion, and the cost is low. The lamp is recommended to be imported, durable, stable, and effective in sterilization. Although it is expensive, it is worth it. There are many kinds of ballasts. We don't talk about which brand is good. Which brand is not good, and how to use it. Many manufacturers use one-to-two forms in order to save costs. It is a ballast with two tubes. The advantage is cheap, but the bad thing is that if one tube is broken, the other tube will not light up. In the same way, if two ballasts of a ballast are not bright, it is also possible that the two lamps burn together. There is also the size of the electric box. As we all know, the ballast will be hot. Some manufacturers will choose a smaller box in order to save costs. This will put the ballast in a row, no cooling space, and correctly install it. Method Each ballast must have a certain distance gap. It is best to have a cooling fan, control switch, do not directly connect the ballast to the power supply, can control the lamp switch, and play a protective role.

Automatic microfiltration machine application
Next, we will talk about the automatic drum microfiltration machine, which is a very useful filtering equipment, especially in the factory recirculating aquaculture. When you buy this equipment, you not only ask the price, but also the price. To ask the size, the size of the equipment, and then ask the size of the drum, in case some factories in order to grab the market, the small amount of water treatment equipment as a large equipment, the original treatment of water is only 20 tons but tell you that there are 40 tons, That price is cheap, the size of the drum solves the filtering area. Under the same precision, the larger the area, the greater the processing capacity and the better the effect. There is also the material and form of the net (related to the thickness), there are many kinds of nets, at least choose 316L net, although it will rust for a long time, but at least the use time can be longer. The mesh thickness will be more durable, at least not easy to crack, no problem with three or two years. Finally, the discharge capacity of the drum. If there is dirt that cannot be completely discharged and has been turned inside the drum, then this equipment is useless. This is related to the sewage discharge structure of the drum, but this is basically the inside of the drum. Not enough, so it is best to find a better manufacturer of the word of mouth, or that sentence, go to the factory of the manufacturer to see what it looks like in the production process, so that you can see more clearly.